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morphean 10th January 2006 23:12

Chevy Avio and Getz
Looking for some information on soon-to-b-launched Chevy Avio from GM stable. It is slated to be launched in March.

Contemplating on buying a car ( from hatchback segment ) and wondering if its worth a wait. If I have to buy a car today, i wud probably go for Getz. Though not entirely convinced about the car,there are some advantages that I certainly see in the car - Low maintenance, easily available spare parts, good service and re-sale value. I doubt if any other car ( other than Maruti ) comes close in these aspects ( Pls correct me if i am wrong ! ). On the negative side, I hear that the engine is not all that refined.

Reports say that Avio ( from erstwhile Daewood ) has a refined engine and good spacious interiors. Do u guys think it will have low cost maintenance and spare parts ?? I personally think it will be priced lower than Getz.

For Getz, pls let me know the discounts and freebies that I can expect from the dealer.Also, which model wud be good to go for ?


DCEite 10th January 2006 23:15

Did you forget the Swift??

thainogkok 10th January 2006 23:41

hey my friend, you come from gurgaon. you shouldn't forgot Swift.:)

Insane Devil 11th January 2006 00:01

Well, i have a getz from past 9 months, and will tell u what i feel of it...

1. the Most spacious in its segment, comparable to the Interiors space of Icon and Accent! Swift lacks in rear legroom, and 3 cant be as comfortable in the rear seat as in the Getz.

2. Mileage of Swift and Getz are the same, but the Swift engine is a lil more peppier than the Getz, while the Getz engine is super refined and smooth, the gears are like butter, but the only drawback is it lags in power :( u are advised to put a K&N Air filter - either Stock replacemtent or a Performance Filter to boost the pickup. I have the Stock Replacment K&N Air Filter in place and it has helped a good bit, but still looking for some kinda power boosting for it. Recommend u to take a good testdrive of it.. .as for some the pickup cud be just sufficient, in city use.

3. yea, spares n stuff are cheap and maintainence, as its Hyundai, is very low.

4. Build of the car is very good quality, thou the design compared to the Swift is a bit dated, while the Swift looks totally fresh.

5. Comparing it to the Aveo, i have read in some articles that the Getz is more spacious than the Aveo, but then, one lil feature i jus loved in the Aveo (I hope this feature makes to india) is that if not for both, atleast the LEFT side door rear view mirror has Electronic adjustment! :) while the right side can be adjusted manually easily as its just by u, the left does become a problem as u gotta sit right and then adjust the best view.

6. IF you are not in a hurry, and u are not in love with the Getz, then u may as well wait for a couple of months, check out the Aveo, and then decide which way is to go.

For further opinions, u can have a look at these links...they are from different car forum, from Malaysia, where ppl have been using the Aveo and Getz from quiet some time, so u will get to know more of how Aveo has been performing outside. from what i read around, Ppl prefer the Getz more coz its from Hyundai, but Aveo is from Daewoo.

Here ppl are discussing wether to go for the Getz or the Aveo...

Review of Aveo in South Africa...,00.html

Hope this has been of some help to u...

LiFe iS tO eNjOy!

.anshuman 11th January 2006 01:14

regarding getz being fuel efficient i feel it cant beat swift anyday because i have a accent with a engine of the same family and ive never exceeded past 8kpl in city driving while my friend's swift is capable of more than 11kpl under my driving under same driving conditions of light foot driving.

satyamenon 11th January 2006 01:58

I'd suggest you wait till the Aveo arrives. I've driven the Aveo a fair bit (about 180-200 miles) and its a pretty spacious car. The one I drove was the 3-box version. But i'm sure the interior space will be the same in the hatch-back.

ambylimo 11th January 2006 05:40

take a good look at your options and make a wise decision..though Getz is not a bad option to look at...wait wat avio holds for u once it gets launched smetime this summer ...if early predictions are anythin to go by avio wud just be the car u want..1.3L 89.6 hp is not a sniffer to let as u knw indian car market is driven by new entrants n u never knw wat u may get frm a new advice wud be to wait till avio get...c how does GM sell it .at wat price n then go ahead...

ajmat 11th January 2006 09:43

I have both the swift and the Getz

Getz - better built, more spacious
Swift - Good handling, more eager performance, more features

adya33 11th January 2006 10:15

If you can then wait that way you can compare them yourself and if you don't like Aevo you can always buy Getz

As with Aevo GM doesn't have to worry about pricing it lower and hurting its product but both Maruti & Hyundai have that problem

Surprise 11th January 2006 10:39

After the introduction of Swift, it gives a tough job to other manufacturers in terms of giving out great performer, great drivability, fresh looks and good mileage car at a reasonable cost. Please hold until the Avio is launched and then decide (hope they dont delay the launch).

filcord 11th January 2006 11:26

Getz has all the attributes already quoted by others in this thread. Between Hyundai and Maruti, the build quality on the Hyundai is far better, Maruti cars tend to have large panel gaps.
I would be very chary of getting an Aveo until it has stabilised for at least a year in the market. Most new cars see a correction in pricing after about ten months.

Also GM spares and maintenance are always heavy on the pocket. Ask any Opel or Tavera owner.

chandan 11th January 2006 12:11

I had a chance to drive the Aveo in the US a year ago(auto transmission of course).I own a Getz here.The Aveo engine is more powerful than the Getz @ 89bhp.Refinement levels are the same.It is slightly less spacious than the Getz.I donot know about the FE though.Maintainance & spares in India will be definitely higher than Hyundai.Optra,Tavera & Corsa owners will vouch for that.
So,no harm in waiting for a couple of months to take your pick.As for me,I'm satisfied with my Getz in all departments except low end torque.I heard, the feb 2006 models of Getz will have a remapped ECU for better low end torque.

Tarun 12th January 2006 17:49


Originally Posted by .anshuman
regarding getz being fuel efficient i feel it cant beat swift anyday because i have a accent with a engine of the same family and ive never exceeded past 8kpl in city driving while my friend's swift is capable of more than 11kpl under my driving under same driving conditions of light foot driving.

I have been getting consistent 13-13.5 with IOC91

morphean 15th January 2006 13:51

Thanks guys for prompt replies and insightful details. U have made my life much easier ?
I will in all likelihood go for Getz by next month. Just trying to explore if they are coming up with new model in Feb ( as pointed out by Chandan ).

thanks once again. Will keep u posted !

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