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Default Re: Car highly expensive to run!

hellmet, thats a sticky situation and i guess many will or have already started to face the heat of rising fuel price.

according to me a realistic solution for now is start work early, this way you would face lesser traffic and the climate will be cooler which both can contributing in better mileage and can get back early before the traffic picks up.

and as MC mentioned see if you can rely on public transport(AC buses) or talk to your manager and see if you can work next three months or atleast some days in a week from home.

Dont sell your car you may loose a lot, or dont be in a hurry to sell it, try to find a good deal.
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Default Re: Car highly expensive to run!

It makes sense to have a diesel for your usage, but do not sell your car now as it is very new and depreciation will be high. You should get a diesel after couple of years.

I would recommend to use the car during summer and start using bike after that.
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Default Re: Car highly expensive to run!

I have also bought the Beat by being optimistic that my monthly running won't exceed 500 kms and that Petrol price won't rise beyond 60. After about 8 months now, i am realising that both have exceeded beyond limits. I have now stopped thinking about "what if" situations and just enjoy the ride.

One of the Best alternative is to do Car- Pooling , but for my trips of Mumbai-Pune weekends very few people have shown interest although there is lot of traffic on this route on weekends
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Red face Re: Car highly expensive to run!

I can understand your plight and really do sympathize with you. The fuel bills are seriously eroding one's monthly savings and thanks to the FM there has been no respite to common man this year too when the conveyance allowance is standing still at the decade old 9.6K pa.

Anyways I could suggest a few options:
1) Check for public transportation maybe a direct bus or at the most one bus change.
2) If you still want to use your Beat, then alter your office timings such that you travel when the traffic is minimum.
3) Car pool with guys staying in your vicinity.

Sometimes even I think of dropping the fiesta and going for a diesel hatchback for starters. But then the thought of no Fietsa brings me back to sense, I just cannot see that happen. Torn between two thoughts.
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Default Re: Car highly expensive to run!

Imagine my Plight,
i work 5 days a week,and have to Commute 55kms(One way) each day,to get to work.
Though 44kms of 55 is a highway,so it takes around,120 minutes and 110kms each day.
And with a not so Economical accent with me,i have a huge hole in the wallet.
I have now divided the commute evenly between my highway star Zma and Accent.

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Default Re: Car highly expensive to run!

I completely understand your situation.
Selling a car would incur a loss as well right? So i guess its better to go for other alternatives like car pooling and govt transport.
Even I travel more than 40kms every day to work!
I alternate between driving alone, car pool and the BMTC volvo(AC). It balances my expenses, as well as saves me from the stress of driving everyday in such traffic!
Tried travelling by bike too, but its almost impossible in this summer heat, dust and the horrible traffic on the outer ring road here!
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Default Re: Car highly expensive to run!

Definetely Car pooling is the solution to go. If that's not an option, consider a way of using public transport. Given the Traffic Chaos and unruly riding behaviors, it's worth doing daily commute via public transport and enjoy you rcar rides during weekends. Believe me you really don't want to drive that much every day and start hating driving.
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Default Re: Car highly expensive to run!

@Hellmet, I will (also) suggest Not to sell the car. You had bought a new car, and you are paying for the depreciation & interest. You have not used it much, and if you sell it now, some one else is going to benefit from it's current good condition & low usage.

And tomorrow when you want to get another car, you will either have to buy a used car (and any problems that may be there), or pay for depreciation & interest again.

Pls exlpore options of car pooling, using a bus, & your bike. Or a mix & match of all these.

Or another option: move to a rented house closer to office. And rent out your current house. This option will mean you may not have to spend much on the house rent, and yet you can gain from a shorter commute (both money-wise, time-wise and effort-wise).

Keep the car for weekends & special trips. You will more than appreciate having the car with you.
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Default Re: Car highly expensive to run!

Since you travel 42 Km a day and you have purchased a petrol car, you have already saved the initial costs of a diesel car. If you would have purchased a diesel car, your EMI would have been higher than current. Now coming back to selling the petrol car and going for diesel, this opinion will be at huge loss. I rather suggest to keep this car as this car is better than its equivalent hatches like i10. Your Chevrolet's free maintainence costs are already present for 3 years for this car. For some days you may opt to use public transport and use the car on other days. This would save your costs as well as you will have peace of mind.
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Default Re: Car highly expensive to run!

I find myself to be in a similar situation. The 52 kilometer round trip per day in horribly slow traffic coupled with the escalating fuel prices are still definite issues for me, the only differentiating factors with the OP will be that the car carries 2 persons(me 7 wifey) to work which makes it much more reasonable, alongwith a puny 1.4k per month fuel allowance from office which helps a bit. Further owning the base model means a sub 5k EMI which makes things litte easier. Still, a monthly consumption of 100 litres of petrol makes me think, with the AC on all the time the consumption could easily increase by 10-15%.

So, this is what i did to ease things a bit :

1) Leave for office a bit early as lohithrao mentioned. The congestion level is much less than say what it would be 30 minutes later. Also, not having to be stuck in traffic for long reduces AC usage. The morning air is that tad bit cooler.
2) Put quality sun-film with decent heat rejection on. A one time investment of 12-13k(vkool) really helps.
3) On our way back, we take an alternate route/bypass with is completely congestion free. Though it amounts to a 8 km increase in daily commute, the FE more than compensates for it and the fresh air makes life easier sans the AC.
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Default Re: Car highly expensive to run!

Aren't we all in the same boat (or petrol car, metaphorically speaking)?

I have a 24 km commute one way that cuts across Bangalore city. I call it M2M (Meenakshi Temple to Manyata) My 11 year old car barely manages to give 10-11 kmpl in that traffic. The company does provide transport but it does not suit me for various reasons.

So, what i do is that 2 or 3 days of the week, i work from home. Not only do i end up saving on petrol, but also save my sanity from the Bangalore madness.

By the way, shouldn't this thread be in the Indian Car Scene or something like that?
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Default Re: Car highly expensive to run!

I am in a similar situation, even with an Alto! It is compounded by me being fanboy customer of Shell.

But I knew before buying the car I will not take it for daily commute. It was going to be used mainly for weekend outings with family/ whenever there will be more than two passengers/ during foul weather. I used to take it to work occasionally, but stopped even that when metro rail work commenced on my route, as the bike is faster under the circumstances. Therefore,

a) Just like me, reserve the car for weekends or family outings, commute to work by bike and live happily ever after!


b) Consider a factory fitted LPG kit if the Chevy A.S.S. will do a good job of it. Don't do it anywhere else.

Don't change the car so soon. I am sure the amount of money you will lose in the deal will easily buy you petrol for at least a year.
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Default Re: Car highly expensive to run!

Originally Posted by hellmet View Post
I'm single and live with parents in an owned apartment. I don't think they'd appreciate me living elsewhere in the same city. If I started renting just to be closer, that'd atleast be 5-7K per month for rent, negating any savings on fuel. Indeed. My colleagues ask me if I'm going out on a war with all the safety gear on. It is just too dangerous these days.
Few options which you could try. 1,Move closer to your work place (rent in, rent out) 2,Change your office timings (if you can) 3,Option of MMTS. I have recently moved my house from Bowenpally to Raj Bhavan.(i work at Banjara Hills.) The rent which i am paying is 20% more than the previous one,but i get to spend more time with my family,have lunch with them,leave home late and come back early and i save lots of fuel.

Note-I drive a 2800 cc diesel vehicle.

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Default Re: Car highly expensive to run!

ah, a post to relate to.
I have a 64km drive combined everyday.
Recent upgrade to a 3-box, so the petrol pinch is, well, still pinching.
Here's what i have do:
1. Drop wife to her office en-route to mine.

Helps to have her office in the same general area.
Also, be married...

how this helps:
1. She insures i leave at a time which gets her to office on time.
2. This is usually an hour earlier than my usual time of departing, so i get to beat the jam.
3. Average speed on expressway is constant, more or less, and i get much better FE, lesser headaches, less chances of scrapes etc etc.

Pre this, i was spending about 8.5 k in petrol a month, now its 7.5k a month.
something's working, innit?
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Default Re: Car highly expensive to run!

Hellmet, the heat is killing and dont take chance with your health for the next 3 months, my suggestion is juggle between car / a/c bus ( Volvo service from ECIL to Madhapur 10H/17H)& MMTS depending on your schedule .

Dont sell your car , you loss will be high .
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