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@cblazer:i'm willing to co-operate buddy but picture this...
at the end of the noida toll bridge a week or so back a cop asks me to pull over (by walking right towards my car in the middle of the road).i do.
he asks for my regn papers.i said okay,hang on.before i show him the papers he says he likes the sunglasses i'm wearing and that he would like one for himself (oakley c-wire).i said no way i'm sorry.
same day evening i kept my regular shades in my draw and picked up a titan fastrak for 1690.00

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With cops one thing I have noticed is they crave for respect and sensitivity from road users. Yes they are out to collect bribes and all that. But they have been browbeaten and treated badly by more rich/influential/snobbish drivers than other way around. A smile, 'sorry-sir' for small mistakes that they notice helps a lot. Such situations I have been waved off.

Entire system is sick but WE make it so. We give bikes to 15yr olds sometimes even younger, to drive, we drive home after parties semi-drunk, we drive with mobile phone on one hand and eyes on the DVD/LCD screen, we put in modifications like thick sun control knowing pretty well it is banned, we try to threaten cops with 'influence' because we are the neighbour of the ministers PA's drivers cousin, we want to park anywhere and everywhere simply because it is convenient and so on...above all we elect leaders that have increased the role of govt. in every affair and even made it morally justifiable. How many UP guys voted for the party started by ex-IITians?!

If we want to we can change. How long can cops demand bribe if 250,000 Bangalore motorists decide never to bribe a single cent again even if it means paying fine in court?

Fines have to be doubled/tripled in some cases even increased 10 times to have any deterrent effect at all. Particularly for under age driving, overtaking on narrow roads at high speeds, reckless driving whether or not it results in accident.

Three strikes and you are out rule is also important to bring in. There are points system in many countries. Three major violations - you should be banned from driving for at least 3 years.
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Originally Posted by CBlazer View Post

My well paid, highly qualified colleagues drive like complete morons too! And we're discussing how stupid cops can be.
The fact is I don't think we can think of ourselves as truly educated and refined. Rather, we are simply highly trained monkeys. When there is no circusmaster around, we go wild.
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Man some of our Police guys are out only to cut the public in any way possible no matter what it takes and it is very sad
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Originally Posted by v1p3r View Post
Ok, can we stop the silliness and the police bashing? I don't think 2000 bucks a month will allow most cops to enjoy fripperies like Pepsi, much less in cans. And I mean their official salary, not what we pay them extra.

Be the change that you want to see, the Mahatma said. Vote!

A constable draws more than rs 5000 as his starting salary in kerala . A sub-inspector gets around 12500.

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Originally Posted by swathyd View Post
A constable draws more than rs 5000 as his starting salary in kerala . A sub-inspector gets around 12500.
do you think its justified for the amount and kind of work that they have to do? also with the kind of responsibility associated with it??
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I had a similar experience this April IN Chandigarh while going to Manali from Delhi when my taxi driver had to cough up Rs 100 evern after the police men on duty did not find any faults. They just said 'do the entry and go'. which simpely means pay something.
The taxi was from Delhi.
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Many police men are corrupt. What is more visible is the corruption by constables.

A friend of mine skidded on the road and fell down. He suffered a few bloody cuts to his arms.He shrugged it off and continued his journey on that cold December night. After a few kilometres he felt dizzy and stopped in font of a police station and phoned for an ambulance. The ambulance picked him up, and after medical attention, dropped him off at the police station. It was 2 am by then. As he started his bike, the constable on guard duty suggested he go by bus as it was well after midnight and send a person in the morning to fetch the bike. Next morning he was in for a shock as his brother who came to pick up the bike reported that the police demanded Rs.1500 as bribe, failing which the bike would have to be remanded to court as they were suspicious about the nature of accident and they even said they were suspecting some sort of dispute or even a murder or attempt to murder. The poor fellow phoned us and we negotiated a "fair price" of Rs.300.
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Originally Posted by simplyself View Post
Many police men are corrupt. What is more visible is the corruption by constables.
The problem is that the whole institution is corrupt - so no individual policeman also has to be corrupt to survive. Else he has to be a revolutionary.
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Many police man don't even know how to read and write.one time when i was stopped by a constable in night at 1pm he asked my RC book when i gave him he suddenly with a high tone he asked me where is the bike no in the RC book i started laughing inside and showed the no and then he let me go.at least he didn't ask for a bribe
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A constable draws more than rs 5000 as his starting salary in kerala . A sub-inspector gets around 12500.
Have a look at pages 149 - 150 of this pdf file:-


Starting salary of a PC is 5930, of a SI is 9190, 12k+ is Starting salary of Deputy Superintendent of Police / Assistant Commissioner.


PS:- they also get 32% Dearness allowance (from January 2008) now - means starting salaries would be respectively 7828, and 12130. They also get a hefty HRA - 600 Rupees in the "Metro" cities of Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, and Kozhikode; 390 in other District HQs, 340 in certain Municipalities, and 150 in all other cases. The CCA is 65 / 120 Rs.

For details, see http://www.prc.kerala.gov.in/prcreport_8/chapter7.pdf

DA is excluded for calculating pay for purpose of other allowances.


The problem is that the whole institution is corrupt - so no individual policeman also has to be corrupt to survive. Else he has to be a revolutionary.
Once, we had a minister in charge of PWD. First thing he did after taking charge was to visit EVERY district to assess the needs of that district. He had a detailed look into the projects pending, proposed, under work, etc. People thought that he was looking to speed up things. Only the employees / officers realised (later on) that the minister was in fact conducting a survey of "potential" for each office. After completing this survey, the minister fixed HIS "rate" for getting transferred to each office. Those who did not pay up were transferred to areas with very little "potential", AND the budget allocation for offices where the non-co-operating officers were posted was cut short.

This happens in every department. That is why we have newly posted officers going on "rampage". (Kerala TBHPians had a first hand experience of this during the monsoon D R I V E).

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One important question is whether alloys are illegal or not. Section 52 of the Act says:

"No owner of a motor vehicle shall so alter the vehicle that the particulars contained in the certificate of registration are at variance with those originally specified by the manufacturer"

When we upgrade wheels and/or tyres (instead of merely replacing the original wheels with aftermarket rims and tyres of the same size), the vehicles specifications are different from the original.


the specification of the rims and tyres is not entered into the vehicle's certificate of registration, so I am not sure if this renders the upgrade illegal or not.

Would request your comments.
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Chandigarh cops have some serious problem man. i was stoped on the 8-9 Lights and told that the Horns that i have on the Bullet are illegal for the bullet when i said that the horns were a accesory purchased from the Dealer they started asking for a Bill. comon now who would carry a bill for the horns. then i had to tell the cop not to look for the reasons just give a chalan if he just had to do it. then one of the seniors came up i told him that i was being harrased for the bloody horns and he said there is nothing wrong with them and he asked me to leave and surprisingly also said sorry.
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Originally Posted by rkg View Post
i totally agree with the observation that bangalore police are intelligent. towards the end of month the traffic cop will stand just after the signal in such a way that he is not noticed quickly.usually two or three will be standing after the signal by about 150-200 feet. commuters thinking cop is not there will jump the signal only to be caught by the police waiting at a little distance. moral is never think cop is not there at signal usually he will be there little away waiting to pounce on you. sometimes they just simply pick your vehicle even if it is parked at a proper parking lot and tow it away. they say it is parked at no parking area. how to prove. they have moved the vehicle. i had to pay fine for this once in SP road. but most of the time it is two wheelers four wheelers are rarely stopped in day time
No, the moral is not to jump the signal and endanger other lives.

In this thread everyone is pointing fingers in every direction, the point is all of us are at fault, more so the public, the only way anything can happen is if we make change. But the problem is no one will make a change, soon this thread will die down and everyone will go back to what they were doing (including me).

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That's really sad. I'm happy the NRI at least took time and filed a complaint and didn't just let it go. Hope they're fired, but then I'm just being hopelessly optimistic
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