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Default Re: Government to allow color change, ban Bluetooth, iPOD and other rules

Driving is a combination of the mind(brain) and eyes, the eyes see the situation ans sends a signal to the mind which then takes necessary corrective action. While talking on the phone, the mind, though alert to the situation around, will not be quick enough in responding to the changes around.

A responsible driver understands the dangers of talking on the phone while driving, bluetooth or otherwise, and should refrain from using it. Even though people may argue saying they are careful, responsible etc etc, the fact is nobody is perfect, however "responsibly" one may claim to use technology, it will pose a threat to the other commuters.

Try out this experiment, get a remote controlled car, start driving it, while still talking on the phone, see how long you can go without damaging the car.

For all the people who use phones in anyway while driving, think about the safety of yourself if not the other commuters.

Technology is there to make our life simpler, but lets not make technology our life. Be sensible, Drive Safe!!!

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Default Re: Government to allow color change, ban Bluetooth, iPOD and other rules

Agree with you here. But a passenger talking in the car can be quite distracting. So again i say it's the driver's responsibility to cut the conversation. While they can implement a law banning the use of bluetooth. Is it even possible to ban people from talking in the car? Maybe like wearing seatbelts we can have some sort of sticker that we have to paste on our lips. LOL!
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Default Re: Government to allow color change, ban Bluetooth, iPOD and other rules

Originally Posted by SilentEngine View Post
Ok, some people are good at multi tasking. But who is going to certify that? A driver not paying attention while driving because of a phone conversation - Bluetooth or not doesn't matter - is actually putting other road users at risk.
No one but ourselves. Who decides what is best for me? Government or parents or wives/gf or me.

I don't think responsibility can be pushed on to anyone. It comes with realization.
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Default Re: Government to allow color change, ban Bluetooth, iPOD and other rules

Just thought about this funny scenario before going to bed last night. No just can't get team-bhp out of the head can we.

This is purely a fictatious funny ~

so the rule of stickering your lips has been implemented.
You are driving down when a cop asks you to park on the side.
You do so
cop is looking around for various rules you have broken
bluetooth not in use ~ check
ipod not in use ~ check
seatbelts fasteben ~ check ~ ofcourse we are bhpians after all right.
Lip sticker ~ nadda

cop points out you dont have your lip sticker on.
You try to cook up an excuse. PAT. Lip sticker is pasted on your lips by the cop.
You now cant talk so cannot explain your excuse. Also you cannot try and come to an "understanding" with the cop.
So you collect the official fine challan. Pay the full amount and then drive off.
So this lip sticker will actually solve two problems.
One you cant talk while driving
two there will be no silly excuses the cop, no negotiations on the fines. Thereby reducing corruption.
Whats say?
Why the cop didnt say a word to you? He too has the lip sticker on. We are trying to curb corruption too right. LOL!
Drive safe!
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Default Re: Government to allow color change, ban Bluetooth, iPOD and other rules

I think it all depends on the individual. And over the last many years I have experimented with all the permutations.

1) In my own experience, I found that trying to drive while talking on a cell phone (i.e. holding the handset up to your ear) is disastrous. Someone here who commented that it's not about losing the use of one arm, but about distraction of the mind, I thoroughly disagree. Don't talk on the phone, but try driving a car with only one arm. It's not good driving. To have to move your hand from the steering wheel to the gear shift is extremely extremely poor driving.

2) Talking on the loudspeaker was IMHO a little better, but still at least in my own personal experience I found I drive much better than the above, but I would not call it good driving. Especially if you don't have a mount for the phone, and are balancing it on the dashboard, or holding it in your hand while grabbing the steering wheel, or even placing it in your lap.

3) Talking on a bluetooth headset was smooth. I found my driving was 99% of what it is without talking on the phone at all. And that IMHO is acceptable.

But this is not to say that all people deal with it well. I suppose I would say I am responsible enough to pay more attention to the road than the call. So often I wouldfind myself not giving 100% attention to the phone call in a situation that required me to be focused on the road (such as when navigating through a narrow lane). I would even tell people to hold for 5 seconds in case I really need my full attention towards driving (ironically this would mostly happen when someone around me would be driving like an idiot, and lo and behold I would find them chatting on their phone while holding up the handset to their ear).

So would a bluetooth headset make a bad driver turn into a good driver? Certainly not. But would it turn a good driver into a bad driver? Not in my opinion. But talking on the handset directly or on the loudspeaker IMHO does turn good drivers into bad drivers.

My conclusion therefore is that it would actually be for the general safety of all to allow use of bluetooth headsets as opposed to talking directly or using your phone's built-in loudspeaker. And of course no amount of legislation and enforcement is going to replace our own individual sense of responsibility and duty. It is for each individual to decide if using bluetooth headsets also affects their driving adversely, and to be responsible enough to choose to not use them.

Of course not talking on phones at all is the safest. However, much like how telling people not to have sex doesn't prevent the spread of AIDs (the U.S. for instance has miserably failed on their abstinence only policies), telling people not to talk is not going to work. What you have to give people is the capability to take necessary precautions and prevention measures. In the case of AIDs, it is promoting the use of condoms, in the case of vehicular telephony, IMHO it is promoting the use of bluetooth headsets.
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