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well for me it's bikes all the way when it comes to skills and speed but cars pamper a lot and is ideal for family outings, cars are muchh easier to use/learn
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Both are equally difficult at first. But with some practice you'll be able to get the hang of it and will be a bit better at one or the other or even both, depending on your aptitude.
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45 Degree Heat plus stand still traffic plus pollution from autos using adulterated fuel = Bikers hell.

Bike is only feasible for very small distances <4km. Cars = I can practically live in my car for the whole day (been there done that ).
Traffic Jams = Karaoke session for me inside my car
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If talking only racing wise, considering only skills?
Then a car, as in a bike you are easily a part of the machine, many can do it, but to master a car, to become one with it, it takes alot of skill. People driving and riding will for sure relate to this.
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If you are travelling alone or with someone who is also like you youthful, energetic and wants thrill
If there is rush hour traffic

Then bike it is.

If travelling with family,long drives,need A/C then car it is.

Bike is easy on wallet too.
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In cities for daily commute, bike is better because of parking issues. Some times its very difficult to park car on major roads and visit ATM's, pay telephone bills etc. However, casualty factor in a car will be less compared to bikes in case of small accidents in rush hours of city.
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I ditched the bike for good when i picked up a car and there was no looking back.

comfort : a/c, music, isolation from noise and pollution outside
saftey: no-brainer - bikes are inherently unsafe
convenience: need not worry about weather (rainy, too hot, too cold)

The bike has advantages of FE (biggest reason), cheap prices and probably zig-zagging in traffic. Personally, even in traffic i would rather be in my car, cooling my heels and listening to a nice song isolated from all those noises outside.
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For me, its always been the car. Part of the reason is I never got to ride a bike 'early'. Starting out now, might be comfortable in some months. Untill then, car is the easier one to handle.
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I prefer bike in cities. I feel claustrophobic in a car in city.Also, there is less to worry about traffic jams/constraints in traffic jams etc. And no need to worry about scratches and dents and breakage of tail lamp lenses. Nowadays, though, I commute between cities in a car, I still prefer bikes in towns and cities.
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Whatever you started out earlier, is easier.
If it is the Motorcycle, it should be easier and hence forth.
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Personally I would prefer cars for the sheer comfort and safety compared to bikes. Having driven a 100 cc 2 stroke suzuki for quite some time, I cant deny the sheer thrill and the pleasure of wind in your hair factor for the bikes. But 95% of the times I would prefer to be cocooned inside my car isolated from the rest of the world.
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Originally Posted by srikanthns View Post
I would say it depends on the age factor and which one the person learnt first at a younger age! Take my case, I learnt bike riding first and after 17 years learnt car driving. You know my obvious answer. Bike is easier ! But for a person who is trying to learn bike riding after car driving, that too at a later age, I think it will be a really tough for him to be on a two wheeler!
Originally Posted by Positron View Post
Riding a bike safely requires more skills than riding a car - fact. Key point is 'safely'. Many can get on a bike and get it moving forward, but riding safely without sacrificing speed and the agility that bikes offer is an altogether different skill that takes a lot of practice and patience to master. Car's on the other hand, while requires a lot of skill, does not require does pamper the driver with a lot of things - making it more relaxing and less demanding.
Well I completely agree with srikanthns and Positron.

Lets take a simple case, a person who has never driven anything in life, not even cycle. First step for him is to learn to move the vehicle. Which one will be easier for him to move? I think its "the car". As he does not need to balance. Only thing is to learn gears, then learning how to take turn. But in bike you need to balance first and with it you should be able to change gears. In car in case of problem in changing gears you can make it slow and change gears, bike its more difficult.

I think driving a car is easier. But since as a kid first thing we start to drive is a bicycle, we do not face much problem in balancing part for bike except first few times. I remember learning to balance bicycle was more difficult to learn than any other vehicle.

Originally Posted by adit1329 View Post
"Is riding a bike more difficult or driving a car?"

Which would take up a lot of skill?

.... do a lot of things while driving like switching on the AC, changing songs, etc
Well that way compare answering a cell phone call while riding a bike or a car. Well bike is more difficult.
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I feel that it depends on which you have honed your skills more ! Like Rossi will prefer a bike over a car for competition while it will probably be the opposite for say, someone like Schumi ! Personally, I find each one differently challenging !
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Default Re: Bikes vs Cars: Which is easier?

I think it depends purely on the roads and space available. If it is "normal" roads with good space, then car is the best. Nothing beats the protection from dust and heat, and head doesn't sweat (helmet).

Buttttttt.... if there are narrow gullies and lanes, then nothing beats a bike! For example my commute by bike is a much easier route through narrow lanes, than what it is when using a car. In fact one lane is exactly wide enough for two bikes, even an autorickshaw cannot enter it. I avoid two major junctions and a lot of traffic, using these lanes when on the bike. That beats the car advantages hollow.

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Default Re: Bikes vs Cars: Which is easier?

In my opinion, Bikes are definitely easier to ride and they are fast also as one can zip through traffic easily, For Example I can cover 30 KMs (in NCR) of distance in 30-35 minutes on my karizma whereas time required to cover similar distance in car is around 50-60 minutes.

Cars, on other hand provide protection from weather, safety, privacy and many other things which a bike can’t.

To sum it up, both have their pros and cons and different people may prefer one which is suitable for their needs.
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