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Default Re: Gaurav Gill's car hits bike during INRC Rally - 3 dead

Going by Gaurav Gill's account, its really bad on the organizers for not backing him and also fleeing the scene. That is not how you organize a large event such as this. It is now understandable why a case was filed against him since he was the only one cooperating. I hope the case gets resolved soon.
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Default Re: Gaurav Gill's car hits bike during INRC Rally - 3 dead

Originally Posted by jayguar View Post
Going by Gaurav Gill's account, its really bad on the organizers for not backing him and also fleeing the scene.
It's really shocking to read the article and see the complete lack of responsibility, decency, even humanity.
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Default Re: Gaurav Gill's car hits bike during INRC Rally - 3 dead

Originally Posted by Nikhilb2008 View Post
And now, the link is down. The article has been taken down.
The link is back online.
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Default Re: Gaurav Gill's car hits bike during INRC Rally - 3 dead

Heard a gut wrenching story from my father, I quote it here for all to note the apathy and lack of skills with the authorities and work ethics of those responsible for law and order.

The story goes like this: An acquaintance had a regular commute through one of the supposedly open road used as a connecting route for long distance travellers. The route had check posts, of both police and military, and a defunct barricade used only during festivals and thus a police stopover with a makeshift booth.

This person, while driving his car (Car-A), was hit by another car (Car-B) coming almost upto his b-pillar and then ramming into his dikkey area. for Car-B we can assume it was a frontal collision, it was swerving before it tried to turn head on to Car-A. Because of high speed, as told by local shopkeepers, it then rammed into a large tree stump. Though knowing about the major dents with a mild stress response, the person-A immediately sprang up and went on to check what really happened. He was limping, as told by the by-standers, but active as a first responder. After checking his vehicle, he spots the car which hit him at some distance. He immediately rushes to it, opens the door by putting a hand through the broken window and starts to literally pull the person-B out of the crashed car. A few two wheelers stop by, but no one comes near when they see the fresh red marks on the body of person-B. Then person-A goes back to his car, checks ignition, takes a U-turn and comes aft to the accident victim person-B. A few two-wheeler riders shout among themselves, "He'll run away! He's running away! And person-A shouts back and pulls one of the bike riders towards the totalled car and yells, "You willing to take him to hospital? Because I am. Take my photo if you believe otherwise. I'm a Doctor and this person can be saved, we need to act fast! Will you help?"

The bike rider left the place, others dispersed and shopkeepers from across the road started taking photos. No one had come forward to suggest if they should immediately take person-B to the hospital.

So person-A loads the injured person B into his damaged car, rushes to the nearest hospital, which is also one of the big 5 hospitals in town, but private.

Person-B is saved, his family seeks him out after 4 days, finds him paid-for by the credit card of person-A and some deposit made by cash by person-A.

This is not the end of story.

The locals who called the police told the police constables that both damaged vehicles had lone individuals in driver seat. Person-A carried away person-B in his damaged car and that they had seen all this happening too soon and usually a crowd gathers and decides to wait until police+ambulance both arrive. Police constables flash the vehicle number and wireless the make/color etc to local network.

The car-A is spotted and wireless flash is disposed. The constables enter the hospital and catch hold of the person-A and tell the hospital staff to treat the victim and don't tkae instructions from this person-A claiming to be a Cardiologist. The constables take him to the accident scene and hand him over to the local thana constables. They do not provide additional info during handover, completely ignore taking down notes or vehicle numbers. The constables who are pondering over an empty vehicle now have 'caught a suspect with their sheer hard work!' They tell the locals, "is he the man who tried to escape? isn't he?"

The police take the suspect person-A away from the accident site to the police booth situated away from the hospital. Person-A who has just admitted the accident victim person-B at the hospital and paid his estimate by outright credit-card swipe and a secured cash deposit, who is a junior cardiologist, a Doctor, and a well meaning social person; and having ignored his own trauma, pain and shock after the collision.

The police constables had then carried him to the hospital in their Bolero for identification and seized the car-A, without any notes on vehicle number. They also took him back to the same police booth situated away from the hospital and away from accident site.

A junior rank officer then arrives and mis-identifies the car-B as belonging to person-A. He threatens him of dire consequences (instead of reading law applicable to his situation which they have no notes taken of) and personally unleashes his enmity against errant and criminal drivers. Again no reading of the law applicable to him and no mention of charges. Only passing officers' enquiries about, "so, that vehicle is his?" They unleash physical violence unto a man and believe they had seen which vehicle he was driving, while attributing the completely damaged frontal collision car-B to person-A. Car A is actually never recovered and only verbal seizing order is made and it stays in the hospital parking. Car-B is seen by people passing through the route and possibly by the other police officers who believe the constables coordinated well via wireless and caught a fleeting suspect near the accident spot.

The SI rank officer needs to scour the ncrb records and vehicle database to eatablish if there are any pending felonies against person-A elsewhere. He instructs the constables to shift person-A to police station. Person-A is given a thrashing when he argues that there is no FIR to be registered if person-B is recovered in the hospital and that car-A belongs to him, he needs to call family members and his mobile has fallen somewhere. Person-A complains of dizzyness and a need to make a phone call to his colleague. All this further makes the constables tighten their noose around person-A who is doing everything a normal survivor does in the aftermath of an accident.

The SI calls up the hospital, asks them if they can stop treatment and shift person-B to government hospital because they need to follow procedures. The hospital refuses, disagrees on shifting, refuses to stop treatment and checks on the ER dept to report that victim is saved but lapsed in coma, shifting not possible without relative's presence/affidavit from police about need to shift during critical phase. The hospital also tells the SHO Police that they are licensed to treat anyone received in ER and they can certify if a govt doctor can visit ER and does police procedures which are a formal requirement, but relaxed as per new clinical establishment rules. They quote the 'right to life' of person-B and state the immediate payment and cash deposit made by the admittor, they also mention about the admittor being a Doctor known to them and that he pinpointed the course of emergencey procedures, further found correct and endorsed by their own ER staff, due to which person-B has been brought out of critical phase. The SHO further inquires if person-A is a VIP or on payroll of hospital to which they answer in negative.

What happened next is very tough to take. It's only known to those who were involved and had carried out activities that are best known as torture or human right violations if described using a language.

The person-A complained of dizzyness and requested medical assistance, even insisted to quickly filing whatever FIR the police wanted to write from memory. He was questioned further and implied to be a serial offender and that he must have had some pending case history and tbat he shouldn't have 'caused' an accident in 'their area' which also happens to surround a military area, by which the police needed to scour NCRB data for possiblity of some other 'angle' to the accident and his presence in that area during that particular day. They further pressed him for public disgrace if he was a doctor, and possible jail if the other person died. All the God's grace which had kept some level of adrenaline running through this person was weaned off due to the police grilling and constant shifting, after having suffered a near-deadly collision, the Good Samaritan, the angel succumbed to brace his own heart-attack.

The police filed an FIR misquoting the vehicle number. Two persons were involved, one survived in hospital after 2 days in coma having received immediate ER admission and money deposit. Other person died, as per the police, on the spot. Open and shut case-move on-get another chai kinda routine stuff for police.

Moral of the story, even God can't prove or recreate the scene by scene accou t of an accidental impact. Foresnics apply only to VIP's and the police need to address the prevailing public sentiment by any means, without ever having to refer to the law.

The family members of person-B do not know who deposited money, and as per the police, unknown persons brought 1 accident victim and an unknown person paid cash of total advance bill for 3-4 procedures suggested by the ER. The hospital also maintains that the cctv footage has been rewritten over since that day. No one was witness to the accident. Due to inter-station rivalry, the other police station boasted about the inefficiency of the booth and barricade setup and their ill mannered ways to maintain fear of law near a military area.

Higher police authorities also talked to the deceased doctor's family that the police constables misunderstood the area sensitivity and turned the routine unstructio s and good practices into torture tactics on daily commuters, labourers and sometimes on errant drivers. They did run an investigation, but finally they themselves were clueless how the person-A could physically take so much exertion and not snap out sooner. That he was injured too was never reported in the FIR, and the investigation really did know that colleagues at the other police station knew all of it, but chose not to spell it out on record or push for police brutality.

Some say the person-A was a follower of a guru who had imbibed in him muscle memory to help those in need and he practiced the guru's meditation meticulously and was graced to surrender his life to save another due for it. The family chose to withdraw the investigation as an understanding of the 'human nature' of the people we call police.

The heart will always go out for the deceased, but we can only benefit if the survivor makes it back towards a good life slowly, but with respect from the family of the deceased.

The authorities, be them private or govt, they never fail to forget their 'human nature' of reconstructing narratives, delving deep into hearsay, making facts out of thin air and misleading the media to ensure their continued employment and a dedication to their 'procedural duties.'

I hope people will learn from this incident my father chose to reveal to me after assisting both the parties' families for weeks afterwards. In the end, he said that it's our fault to be living amongst such corrupt people, and they would have been bystanders to their own death and still completing procedural formalities to ensure their superiority of facts and mislabelling their own demise. They may well be in hell and rename it as heaven, for God's sake and laugh it away as a routine stuff and that nothing could be done about it.

I wonder if the world will be the same again for the race winners that were never race champions on that day.

If we want to have safe rallies again, we shouldn't only
be done away with a photo slideshow or a safety video circulating on social media/group messaging apps. It's important to leave everything else and just focus on the thing we do best.

Mr. Gill, you're the most fantastic team ever and never ever shift up slower. The organisers may have money or clout, but it's your responsibility to never let the rally spirit get affected. Come whatever may.
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