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satix7 17th July 2009 21:17

Need help to conduct a drag race event in Delhi?
I am looking for help in conducting a drag race event in Delhi. I have the sponsors and funding required. I would ideally like to conduct it in Safdarjung air strip.

email me if you can help me out.

It will be a legal drag race event and I need help in getting the required permissions.


*VT* 17th July 2009 21:51

Safdarjung Airport is very close to my home but I doubt if they will allow you to conduct it there because if not the planes, The helicopters and private jets still land and takeoff from there. :)
All the best.


faithless_1984 17th July 2009 22:28

We`v been trying to do something like this for the past 2 years now.
Getting permission is the main hurdle.!


I would ideally like to conduct it in Safdarjung air strip.
Try Greater Noida instead.

satix7 17th July 2009 23:24

Greater Noida is an option. But I am not sure how feasible it is to get a public road shut for conducting an event this large. Even if the road is not being used by too many people, the rules of shutting a public road is quite cumbersome.

"Been trying for 2 years.." ?? Who have you guy been asking for permission?

Airports worldwide are being used to for the same purpose. They would allocate to you an unused airstrip which doesn't pose any threat to the aircraft taking off or landing. Even the quarter mile drag even held in Hyderabad last month was in an air strip.

Cyrus43 17th July 2009 23:47

No. It wasnt on an Airstrip. It was on a road next to the Airport.

satix7 18th July 2009 01:16

Right. But i heard that the airport authorities own that "road", which was called "closed down strip" in all of the newspapers/media and the airport authorities gave the permission for it to be conducted in that land.

m4ugr8 19th July 2009 02:08

Like faithless said, by "We", He means a team of Delhi BHPians which include me as well. We have visited many places including the Safdurjung Airport for permissions but still no luck. We have been successful in conducting two Drag events in Delhi College of Engineering but yes they were more of a private affair rather a Big public event.

According to the FMSCI rules, for a legal Drag event which will we legalised by FMSCI, You need a total of 1.1KM of Tarmac road for a quarter mile drag race. Getting such kind of road, a public road blocked off is not very easy, And what is even more difficult is to make the authorities understand the concept of DRAG racing, because of the media hype created by the underground racing scene in Delhi, They see DRAG racing as a form of RACING only and they are not ready to get associated with the same.

People from the Torque-Nite organising team were in Delhi a couple of Months back to finalise something for Delhi, I along with noidaboy met up with them as well. They tried many options in Greater noida and the safdurjung airport but could not get any permissions, Eventually they gave up and dropped the idea of organising a Delhi event.

The problem with Safdurjung is also that, Its very near to Race Course, The PM residence which is a No-Flying Zone, which maybe the reason why the Airstrip at sufdurjung is no longer in use. Because of the Security reasons as well getting permission for the Sufdurjung airport is highly difficult, next to impossible maybe. The best options are Greater Noida or Manesar or some construction site of these big builders where they have roads inside their complexes.

rallystar 19th July 2009 17:28

Hi guys,
you can organise a good motorsports event if you have the backing of the government.the depts from whom you need permission are as follows:
1. sports authority of India.
2. traffic police.
3. Collectors office
4. local municipality
5. Transport department / RTO.
If you approach these departments with a proper proposal describing the nature of the event , its licence , safety measures , is very easy to get permissions.

Team Fiat 21st July 2009 13:50

Dude in Pune Im trying to get it done But it hasnt worked If u susceed nothing like it Best of luck

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