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Dippy 15th March 2004 17:47

Hey guys heres a sneak preview of F1 in India .. Check out the pic


RJK 15th March 2004 18:44

Thats a real good one dips.....& so true


v12 15th March 2004 18:47

hey come on guys. Indian roads are not so bad.

GrimReaper 15th March 2004 19:24

Anyways i hope its in Mumbai rathar than Hyderabad since most car enthusiasts seem from Mumbai and plus i want it to be here :P

GTO 15th March 2004 21:50

C'mon you guys, offload some powder from your guns. If we can build an expressway and the golden quadilateral F1 track is not too far away


Dippy 16th March 2004 00:51

Yeah grim I hope its in Mumbai too


Hatari 16th March 2004 01:57

hahah !
but i think the only thing keeping F1 away is infrastructure..

Dippy 16th March 2004 12:19

I agree Hatari. F1 requires a lot of infrastructure around it. State of the art airports, roads, hotels ..everything. It just isnt a case of saying we'll have F1 . Theres a lot more to it than what meets the eye.


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