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Shan2nu 29th June 2004 18:54

The other day i was channel surfing when i came apon DD National where they were showing the Fomula Maruti and the Esteem Class Saloon races that took place at the Kari Race track.

While the FM wasn't really that interesting, the Saloon car race turned out to be very entertaining.

While Selvaraj was leading the race, the battle for 2nd and 3rd place was just amazing. JD Madan and Gurunath was fighting it out like Rossi and Sete have been this season.

One would overtake the other at a turn just to be overtaken again at the next one. Gurunath would lose out on the first right turn where JD would take the inner line and overtake him.

JD did a very good job of keeping it tight around corners. Selvaraj on the other hand dominated the whole race and went on to win it comfortably.

I think i missed the first saloon car race but the 2nd one was enough to get me involved.

These cars maynot be fast and they maynot be great handlers, but it sure is entertaining to watch.


Revvmaster 29th June 2004 23:45

Hey Shan2nu

Great writeup there. And honestly you'd have seen some more exciting races, more classes and better trained drivers had it not to have been for the MAI-FMSCI imbroglio. The time that they spent complaining about each other to each other, the government, the FIA wasted a lot of time and possible increase in sponsors. I think off-late some rapprochment has been noticed, but the effect or the extent to which it has taken place is an unknown quantity.

Power corrupts. And absolute power corrupts absolutely.

It should have been BHP. But sadly it was the power of selfishness and greed.

Who knows, had this problem not have happened India would have probably hosted its 2nd or 3rd WRC event this year.


papps 2nd July 2004 14:29

well whats done is done, cant dop anything about that, the INRC starts off its season today with the Nasik Rally, check out the Entry List here

well India is growing where motorsports is concerned, we had the APRC last year and hopefully a WRC in another 2-3 years

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