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n_aditya 24th January 2006 21:17

Interesting Lambo atricle
came across an interesting article of a Lambo Murci that mysteriously crashed... just thought i would share it with you all....

also please remember to read the guest book.... If anyone is buying a Lambo i guess they need to be aware of this...

Read all about it here...

Hey Mod's no offence meant to anyone but i feel this does no harm... If i'm wrong please feel free to delete the post.

z klasse 24th January 2006 21:34

Ouch... I think I'll cancel my plan for a lambo and settle for a Zen with Esteem engine instead ;)

Ram 24th January 2006 21:38

It seems like the Lamborghini Murciélago is a shoddily put together car.
I've always felt that Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Lancias and Fiats and also the French Renaults, Simcas and Peugeots can never come close to the Mercedes, BMWs, Porsches (the erstwhile Borgwards), the Volvos and the Saabs.

My take is that the right-hand rear wheel locked, spun the car and sent the nose into the steel barrier.

aniguchisan 24th January 2006 22:39

Truly a shame. I'm glad he won the case. Sad to see such an astonishing car go to waste.

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