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View Poll Results: Whom do you consider greatest auto manufacturer(s)?
Alfa Romeo 5 6.94%
Aston Martin 6 8.33%
Audi 9 12.50%
Bentley 3 4.17%
BMW 27 37.50%
Chrysler (incl. Jeep, Plymouth, Dodge) 2 2.78%
Citroen 1 1.39%
Ferrari 23 31.94%
Fiat 5 6.94%
Ford (incl. Lincoln, Mercury) 8 11.11%
General Motors (incl. Chevrolet, Geo, Buick, Pontiac, Cadillac, Saturn, GMC, Hummer) 4 5.56%
Honda 26 36.11%
Hyundai 2 2.78%
Isuzu 0 0%
Jaguar (incl. Daimler) 2 2.78%
Kia 0 0%
Lamborghini 12 16.67%
Land Rover (incl. Range Rover) 3 4.17%
Lotus 0 0%
Mazda 5 6.94%
Mercedes Benz 23 31.94%
Mitshubishi 7 9.72%
Nissan 6 8.33%
Opel 0 0%
Peugeot 0 0%
Porsche 16 22.22%
Renault 2 2.78%
Rolls Royce 5 6.94%
Saab 1 1.39%
Seat 0 0%
Skoda 4 5.56%
Subaru 2 2.78%
Tata 8 11.11%
Toyota (incl. Lexus) 18 25.00%
Volkswagen 11 15.28%
Volvo 5 6.94%
Suzuki 7 9.72%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 72. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 22nd February 2006, 17:45   #16
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No Doubt - Mercedes Benz. As paradoxical as it may sound, they are also the most foolish for allowing a mad CEO dilute the value of this brand for the first time in a 100+ years with the recent sub-standard products.

Mercedes Benz is the greatest for what it has done to the automobile. For Innovation. For managing to create a brand that gets the most consistent upmarketing recognition around the globe.

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Old 22nd February 2006, 18:48   #17
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My Vote goes to Honda followed by a close second to Toyota for bringing in the most Fuel efficient, sturdy, engines into the market.. And also for investing for research in alternative fuel technologies..
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Old 22nd February 2006, 18:55   #18
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There are many which would fulfill my criteria for being amongst the greatest :

VW/Porsche for coming up with 2 of the greatest cars ever - The beetle which provided cheap transportation to millions (a '77 1200 wolfsburg built bug was my family's first car in '82) and the 911 for being...well .....the 911

Lotus - for providing affordable 'supercars' such as the elise

Mazda for their MX5/Miata - a fun roadster harking back to the golden age of motoring - simple and affordable too

Subaru and Mitsubishi - for their roadgoing versions of their rally cars which could give a complex to many supercars. - Include Nissan for their Skyline in this as well.

MUL - yes - our very own MUL - for providing our nation with reliable and cheap cars - our very own VW - at a time when car makers such as PAL and HM thought they were doing us a favour by selling us antiquated pieces of crap.

Tata - for their Indica - The first real Indian car - no matter how much I hate it's looks or performance , It's replaced the 800 in terms of ubiquity and provided a cheap, safe and comfortable method of transportation.

Nissan/Mitsubishi/Toyota/Land Rover - for providing the world with true blue 4x4's which could outlive their owners and still carry on strong. The U.N. practically moves on the Patrol and the Landcruiser.

Ford - Mustang - need I say more - In my dictionary the entry for Sex reads 'see Mustang'

Dodge/Chevy/Pontiac - for their fire breathing and petrol gulping monsters which I'd prefer over even the most sophisticated car anyday... A simple formula -> aggressive looks+loads of cubic inches spread over a large bank of cylinders = droooool !!!!

Mercedes - For defining quality ! (at least until present day)

BMW - I'd heard it on TV - and now I have 2 friends who have driven the M5 - in their words 'The most amazing car ever'
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Old 22nd February 2006, 22:58   #19
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Alfa Romeo for making the sexiest cars that are also a hoot to drive.

BMW for making the ultimate driving machine.

Aston Martin and Porsche for the obvious.

Audi for giving quattro and currently having the best quality interiors in it's class.

Ferrari, Masaerati (it isnt there in the poll!) and Lamborgini for making the sexiest cars that give you goose bumps everytime you look at them and/or hear them.

Fiat for making brilliant small cars. They are recognised world over for being masters in designing small cars. There was a time when the Punto was the largest selling car in Europe, outselling even the mighty VW Golf. More importantly, they manage to build the most insignificiant small cars with passion. And then they made the JTD.

Mercedes : easily the greatest car maker ever for giving us new technologies and setting standards for excellence. They are also the only car maker that can sell a A class and a S class side by side and still retain the premium and luxurious car-maker tag. The 3 pointed star is probably the most recognised and respected logo in the world. Newer luxury car makers admit that they want to catch up with Mercedes in respect and aura. Mind you, they all want to catch up, no-one says they want to exceed MB in aura and respect.

VW for giving brilliant quality and proving that you don't need to buy a luxury car to get impressive quality and for introducing the hot hatch to the world.

Honda for giving us brilliantly refined engines and now their designs are getting interesting too.
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Old 22nd February 2006, 23:14   #20
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BMW for sure. Right blend of sports n luxury cars. Very classy, elegent and fast as hell!!!
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Old 23rd February 2006, 00:37   #21
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What? Only two votes for Bentley?
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Old 23rd February 2006, 04:07   #22
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I think Toyota is probably the best manufacturer in terms of quality of product and managing the comapny. I once read an article on how Toyota started out as a small company, and how it gave emphasis on getting the normal workers involved and considering their ideas and suggestions in building the car.. which let them put a good car out in the market. Even today, I think Toyota's managemnt is one of the best in the world not in jsut the auto industry but all major companies of th world.
After Toyota, I think will prefer the HOnda.....cos of the realiablity that comes with it.. their cars last generations.
Next on my list, the germans - BMW's , mercs .....they have awesome products as well.
and lastly , my beloved, cherished. ...... ferrari.... They have been producing the best cars in the world for quite a few decades now..
almost forgot the's and saabs......they're just awesome too.....they're powerful, reliable...and for some reason I've always been attracted to them.

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Today, i see a 100bhp Twin cam engine on an Indigo.

Tata -The greatest Indian Automobile company ever!!
I Second that. Tata has had a very steep learning curve but look what the have achievedin the last 20 years. in contrast, international car firms have had much longer gestation periods.

give Tata anoter 5 to 10 years and see them screw all car majors not only on price but also on product development.

"Ratan Tata for Prime Minister!!!!"
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Old 23rd February 2006, 12:03   #24
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"A Ferrari is a GOD"... Quote by Jeremy Clarkson.
Ferrari... coz they have never built an Off Roader else it was Porsche!
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Old 23rd February 2006, 16:47   #25
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'78 911 turbo(930) 3.3L 300 bhp....
This is the car that really started my love affair with Porsches..from that its come to the 997 turbo...the poll asks for the greatest and for me that accolade will always go to Porsche...

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Old 23rd February 2006, 20:07   #26
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Well I have selected

Mercedes Benz and BMW for their excellence in coming up with beautiful luxurious designs
Ferrari and Lambo for coming out with most outrageous cars(could decide between either)
Toyota and Lexus for the best quality products inj the world..
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Old 23rd February 2006, 23:55   #27
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Originally Posted by sbasak
I tried to list all major manufacturers in the world.

PS: I tried to search in the forum, but couldn't find such poll. Also, if I missed any good brand, moderators please add them.
Manufacturers Models for a pretty extensive list.

Ferrari, Honda, Mercedes & Porsche for me.


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I almost chickened out. Each one is great in one or the other aspect. But I finally picked Honda and Toyota for making very practical, reliable and affordable cars that are still technologically advanced.
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Old 24th February 2006, 07:41   #29
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Porsche-Give them a budget and they will make a pure no-nonsense sportscar.
BMW-For the M5,take your kids along for a 200mph run and beat the F430.
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Old 24th February 2006, 09:25   #30
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For Me only one word comes to mind
There is nothing like it on this planet.
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