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VTEC11 15th May 2004 06:36

Ultimate Cop Cars - Police cars from around the world

GTO 15th May 2004 13:11

Should be a cakewalk to arrest speeding Modenas now.


Kinetik 15th May 2004 13:17

what a lucky pandu

shravan316 15th May 2004 14:09

Hope Sonia import some of'em here!!!

S350L-E240 15th May 2004 18:13

will it catch sonia too?

turbo_lover 17th July 2005 19:11

The World’s Fastest Police they have two

"The Italian Polizia Stradale has scored a major PR triumph with the fabulous Lamborghini Gallardo. Stop Press - a second Gallardo has joined the force. Both cars are donations: the first from the Lamborghini factory and the second from an independent organisation. "

Read more on this -

balenopower 17th July 2005 19:22

damn those lucky they'll be waiting for thugs to break laws so they can chase them down in a jiffy

2L8uLoose 23rd July 2005 18:39

THEM LUCKY *&%$(#@'s
Just had a thought... can you imagine the "DELTA FORCE" on the expressway with a car something like this one... half the time the battery will run down coz those guys would have kept the radio on to listen to "MIRCHI".... lol:

sridhar24 23rd July 2005 19:03

lol: Those cops are so damn lucky, Just imgine them chasing down the speeders in that Gallardo. The car looks very hot.

varun_patra 23rd July 2005 19:20

can u imagine our police( PANDUS) DRIVIN THOSE CARS AROUND IN MUMBAI !!!lol

Dippy 23rd July 2005 19:26

If this is Italy then Dubai has SL55s and Diablos to catch these import tuner racers


anupam9055 23rd July 2005 19:58

man luckly cops .......

i would not mind joining the force just for the cars ....... crazy living

turbo_lover 23rd July 2005 23:21

some more on pursuit police vehicles ...

F50 23rd July 2005 23:45

Stratos 23rd July 2005 23:57

how about a Octavia RS police car for our police :D

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