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himanshugoswami 21st April 2006 16:33

The New Elantra 2007
Hey guys,

Check out the new 2007 elantra at

Looks quite good to me. wonder when we will get this in India. should give the corolla quite a competition

satish_appasani 21st April 2006 16:49

For me the current Elantra looks much better. The new one looks like it's mix of many cars...Carolla, Optra...

jkdas 21st April 2006 17:22

I liked the looks. 138bhp 2lit. And they state that its spacier than Corolla and teh Civic! I love the dash and stereo with thise blue light. And the steering with those buttons.

SRK 21st April 2006 18:28

Looks nice,but to me its a mix of cars ,like corolla,new sonata and accord.
Can give competition to corolla in looks department.

sivadas 21st April 2006 18:42

This is not fair. Whenever Hyundai brings in a new model, people find it similar to some/many other cars rl:
Anyway, car looks great..

satyamenon 21st April 2006 18:44

Can't Hyundai come out with something original looking? Jeez...

I do like the new Elantra's looks. But c'mon, how about something original, eh Hyundai?

narasimha raju 21st April 2006 18:51

I think they copied this design from Honda Civic. Head lights and body style looks like Civic.

jkdas 21st April 2006 18:56

Guys see the interiors too please. They are superb.

amit 21st April 2006 19:21


I love the dash and stereo with thise blue light
Looks like they were inspired by the interior blue lighting from Volkswagen!

Though the car looks a lot like the Corolla, the back of which looks a lot like the Jetta or vice versa, depending on how you look at it, I like the looks of this car. Much better then the current Elantra and finally Hyundai grilles are getting better and smarter looking.

islero 21st April 2006 20:21

This one has similar styling problems to the old one.

The car looks nice except for the front, which is pretty crappy to be honest.

jkdas 21st April 2006 20:34

Just look at it from another prespective. What if it was priced at the present Elantra's price here in India. What will you guys say then? What will you buy then.

ArmourOfGod 21st April 2006 20:51

Wow, this doesn't remind me of "Toyota Corolla" at all I wonder why?

speedbuster 21st April 2006 21:13

front end looks stunning, rear is ctrl C and ctrl V job of corrolla.

spadival 21st April 2006 21:21

Front looks crappy..Hyundai CAN NEVER get the grille right !! Side profile and rear looks sporty though

fieroid 21st April 2006 21:24

it looks very close to the corolla.....dont know why hyundai is doing this!

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