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comfortablywacky 26th April 2006 01:26

The Most expensive Car detailing ever
I was just going through another Car forum ...where I came accross this superb post on....

Paul Dalton, the UK’s leading car detailer, has just launched the world’s most expensive ‘wash and wax’, for owners of super-premium cars including the new £840,000 Bugatti Veyron supercar.

About the detail
The Miracle Pinnacle Detail takes 64 hours to complete, over a period of 1-2 weeks
It consists of 61 separate stages (excluding the preliminary paint measurement process), inside and outside the car
At least four layers of Zymol Royale wax are applied, at 24 hour intervals; Zymol Royale is the world’s most expensive wax (£5,800 RRP) and was named after the famous Bugatti Royale
Paul measures the paint before polishing to prevent too much paint being removed in the process
No bucket and sponge is used; they are replaced by a warm water pressure washer and 100 per cent cotton towels
The shine and protection of a Pinnacle Detail should last up to 6 months
Paul has a fully equipped vehicle in the UK, but will travel anywhere; The Pinnacle Detail is available worldwide
At £4,800, the 61 stage car detail costs just over £100 more than the UK’s cheapest hatchback, the Perodua Kelisa 1.0EX
About Paul Dalton
Paul worked at a Ford dealership before discovering a passion for detailing cars. He now has an extensive client list and has detailed hundreds of supercars and luxury cars.

“When the Bugatti Veyron was launched, I decided to create the ultimate detail to do it justice,” explains Paul. “Even a normal valet could devalue it, let alone the use of a bucket and sponge. Hence the Pinnacle Detail, the ultimate detail for the ultimate car.”

Don't Miss this...

Taken From
Miracle Detail Website- MAke sure to look at the gallery

1Day 26th April 2006 01:33

its just BS...

people like to make money off of pople..thats it..nothing special in this detailing..i could do the same or better for couple of 6 packs and few hundred USDs...

spdfreak 26th April 2006 11:43

This was shown on last week's episode of "Fifth Gear". Here he's doing a mc12. here's that part from the show.

aniguchisan 26th April 2006 15:15

Yep, I remember watching that episode on tv, spdfreak. The MC12 looked fabulous.

ranjan united 26th April 2006 20:14

Sort of like a 'Spa' for cars. Thanks for the link, spdfreak. Dont watch Fifth Gear (the presenters really get to me).

GTO 27th April 2006 10:35

Well, its obvious hes only looking at the higher end cars. Supercar owners / vintage etc.


islero 27th April 2006 11:12


Originally Posted by ranjan united
Dont watch Fifth Gear (the presenters really get to me).

Tiff Needell is god.

Everyone else is rubbish, really.

Quentin WIlson is amazing too. But I dont know if he still is in fifth gear.

comfortablywacky 28th April 2006 16:39

It's preposterous that he uses 100% cotton towels! I think Microfiber is vastly superior in many regards.

1Day 28th April 2006 19:44


Originally Posted by comfortablywacky
It's preposterous that he uses 100% cotton towels! I think Microfiber is vastly superior in many regards.

I disagree and many people who go on car shows also disagree with you on this...

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