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Make sure you learn how to start a Ferrari before attempting to steal it. Sad story...with a twist of humour.

A week before the suicide, Greg returned to Wisconsin to take care of some business. While he was gone, he called Troy three or four times a day.

"Troy was my best friend," Greg said.

While his father was away, Troy's mother and grandmother visited and headed north to the Grand Canyon and all over the Valley.

"We had so much fun, and we were talking about the next time we were coming back," Lisa said.

They drove around mansions near the McDowell Mountains and happened upon Motorsports of Scottsdale, tucked in among Scottsdale Airpark office buildings. Inside, millions of dollars worth of Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Rolls-Royces gleamed on the polished black showroom floor.

Troy wanted to go inside. His grandmother was afraid they wouldn't fit in.

He told her: "Grandma, they won't know that you can't afford it. I just want to go sit in one."

She waited in the car while Troy and his mother went in.

The employees were polite, but signs read, "Thank you for not touching."

After they left, Troy told his grandmother, "Someday I'm going to own one."

A few weeks later, on May 15 while his father was still away, Troy bought $90 in groceries from Fry's, enough milk, ice cream, chicken breasts and taco seasonings to last him at least a week.

Four packets of Coricidin - about 80 tablets, enough for 40 doses - were on the receipt, too. On May 21, Troy's parents began to worry because they played phone tag and hadn't talked to him all week.

Their worries were justified.

About 3 p.m. that day, Troy cruised by Motorsports of Scottsdale in his maroon van.

Fifteen minutes later, dressed in cargo shorts and a golf shirt, he returned.

This time he stayed.

He pulled out a Bushmaster hunting rifle and a handful of ammo and strode toward the detail bay, where a red 2004 Ferrari 360 Spider was parked.

Customers and employees ran from the showroom on another side of the business.

Troy fired a warning shot into a wall.

"I'm taking this car," he said.

The store's owner approached as he sat in the driver's seat, but when he saw the gun, he ran, too.

The keys to Troy's $310,000 dream ride were at his fingertips, in the ignition. He tried and tried to turn the starter. He didn't realize that the car wouldn't start unless the driver pressed a security button on the key fob.

He stormed into the service area.

"How do you start the car? How do you start it?" he screamed.

The employees saw him coming and locked all the doors.

"How does it start?" he screamed again.

He fired eight rounds into a glass door and stepped through it.

The parts manager didn't run fast enough.

He forced her to the ground and held the gun to her head.

He demanded, again, "How do you start the car? How do you start it?"

She didn't know and he let her go.

He bolted back to the Spider.

By then, police arrived. They took cover and shouted at him to drop the gun.

Troy made it to the Ferrari as they closed in on him.

That's when police heard a single shot.

Link to AZCentral Complete Article

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Holy Hell!! thats some wierd but thoughtful story! Nice find!!
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Cool story GTO.....its really a good find
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