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ported_head 23rd August 2004 23:44

I wish i could elaborate, but i have nothing else to say. Except that it started as a Pontiac Fiero.

X-Machine 24th August 2004 00:17

Stunning!!!!......One of the best Porsches i`ve cum across.
Cool find pal.....
Does any1 have the specs etc of the car.

shravan316 24th August 2004 00:22

Yeah.... the design looks good. But, the interiors in this car looks very plain and ordinary.

Revvmaster 24th August 2004 00:53

A real nice attempt. Like shravan mentioned, the interiors arent upto the markt, but when u got just a chisel and hammer to carve ur dashboard out of, rather than sophisticated machines, it is as good as Maruti dashboard, which anyone can live with.... since it isn't a San

Good execution overall. Way better than many Indian firms. My only other serious grouse is that this one is a high rider and gives the game away.... literally!!!


GTO 24th August 2004 00:56

PUKE!!!! This is sacrilege!!! Whats next, an Enzo based on a Dodge Neon?

This guy should be rammed by Osama. Ported, has your heart bled dry?


Dippy 24th August 2004 01:11

Oh no please no starting that kit car thing again.. for heavens sake plsss have mercy....:D


ported_head 24th August 2004 01:17

I refuse to post any comments on this topic. Porsches make me post from the bottom of my heart, this one on the other hand clogged all my important blood vessels, namely, the Superior and Inferior Vena Cava and the Aorta. Why couldn't he just get himself a scaled 1:18 model or something. Darn.

Godspeed 25th August 2004 16:40

u have to admire the guys work

look at the panels really good.. all he needs to do is sort out the suspension & get some better rims ... once lowered ( & oh yes getting rid of those hideous 'bumps' on the bonnet!) & rimmed out the car look look really cool...
am sure the interiors can be sorted out, but its still a good attempt , he's even made the central tunnel just like the original car

RJK 25th August 2004 17:04

A really commendable effort & appreciate the time & money he must have spent in doing it. But it just looks ridiculous with those bumps on the bonnet. Maybe they were for symmetry
Oh what the looks crap !

Godspeed 26th August 2004 16:01

yeah but guys if such a kit was available for our esteem's & city's i know a lot of guys who would go in for it!

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