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Default Pakistan's First Indigenous car the REVO

Pakistan's First Indigenous car the REVO

Adam Motor Co., an assembler of Chinese SUVs and pickup trucks in Pakistan introduced an indigenous automobile in mid 2005.

Called the Revo, it is a 3576 mm long hatchback, powered by either a 800 cc or a 1051 cc petrol engine, sourced from Wuling in China. Otherwise the car is built from local parts.

Plans call for the manufacturing of 5000 units this year.

“We are getting the technology from China and we will soon start building the engines also,” Adam’s Chief Executive Officer Feroz Khan said. “It will be fully indigenous in a couple of years.”

Price of the REVO non-ac basic version: Rs 3,00,000 [Pakistani]= Rs. 2,30,000 [Indian]

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"...Growing up in Aamil Colony, a poor and rough Karachi neighbourhood, Khan learnt to dream big early, idolizing Ratan Tata, the legendary Indian automobile manufacturer and business tycoon...."
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Good concept.

I liked the car. its better designed than maruti 800 and comparable to Alto.

Interiors are too plain jane for the price though and panel gaps are evident.

I would buy tata Indica xeta instead of this one though.

but Kudos to our neighbours and long-lost brothers.
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Its a slightly dumpy-looking little thing, but it looks like good value for the price. And at least they have made an effort to make the interior not look bargain basement.

A good attempt, lets hope the build quality and A.S.S are good.
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Looks decent enough... a decent effort... the steering could have been better though.
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Not too bad...a bit weird on the dimensions, but decent.

Sure beats their last attempt at making cars! I'm sure we all know what I'm talking about.
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It's a nice effort! The build quality also seems good. Some short coming are evident but can easily be sorted off!! me thinks.

One point: It looks like a santro cross bred with an Alto though!!
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Without wanting to take away the credit from them, I would not call it their first Indigenous car as the heart (engine) is still not made there.
And may not be made for quite a few years as making an engine is not as simple as making a body shell.

Looks wise, I found it quite tacky. I suppose they'll improvise.
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Not Bad.. Nice effort. Though i feel it is directly inspired from Matiz, Alto and Santro...
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The chinese engines are based on the Suzuki Alto/800 .8 liter and the Suzuki WagonR 1.1 liter engine. The chinese doing their best they can -- copying. I wouldn't be surprised.

Also i wouldn't be surprised if the car is based on a Alto or WagonR platform

Revo wheelbase = 2357mm
Alto wheelbase = 2360mm
WagonR wheelbase = 2360mm

Revo front track = 1290mm
Alto front track = 1290mm
WagonR front track = 1295mm

Revo rear track = 1278mm
Alto rear track = 1290mm
WagonR rear track = 1290mm

The wheel base differs by only 3mm between these models> The front track is similar to that of Alto's and differes from WagonR by 5 mm. Well, the rear track is different, the reason i could think about is becoz the alto and WagonR use a three link rigid axle setup while the Revo uses a rigid axle on leafs setup. So different axle.

The WagonR & Alto is based on the same platform... Revo could be too. The specs are almost identical.

The car looks acceptable, the rear end could be better and the headlamps aren't flush with the panels. An okay car, i wouldn't say indigenous though.

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