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1Day 25th June 2006 12:18

Makes you wonder how accurate TopGear tests are(inside M6 vs 996TT)
I just saw a video in which it seems like the 996TT was getting its @$$ handed to it by an M6, now I dont know what to think of this...I cant imagine a driver of 996TT delibrately losing to the M6 driver, but it makes no sense, the 996 TT is super quick, but M6 is not..

this video somehow is defying that..

M6 vs 996 TT

in top gear 997S seemed to be quicker than M6 on their hilly road test drive...


ranjan united 25th June 2006 12:30

Hmmm.. interseting. It could be that instead of deliberately loosing, the driver of the 996 was purely incompetentrl: .
As for Top Gears tests, the results are geneally conclusive only for tht certain test, in this case, hill sides. But generally, Top Gear's tests are pretty reliable. (or atleast more reliable than Fifth Gears - those guys drift race everything)

Guess? 25th June 2006 12:35

Well, my first explanation would be, around a track, the M6 would get its *** handed by a Porsche Carrera/996TT anyday of the week as seen in the Top Gear hilly road.
About the test directly, you never know, the Porsche guy might not be the greatest shifter, while in the M6 you just need to flick a paddle and the computer gets the best shift everytime. These tests do not prove anything, everyone has their own preferences and IMHO, however helpful the M5Board is, it is that much more biased towards anything ///M.

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