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Steeroid... you spoke about the poverty now lets hear something about the richie riches of Nigeria... from what I am told the locals with connections are really really filthy rich, they drive in imported cars (yes BMW's, Merc's)... and do all there purchasing in hard cash.

One of my relative owns a furniture store there and he was mentioning people make cash purchases of 80-90k USD... what was your experience? I understand there is no Credit Card or solid banking system there...
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Originally Posted by Steeroid
1. One of the engineers also mentioned that he was offered a 10% "cut" on the ransom paid - the kidnappers felt that he was an essential part of the business and therefore deserved a share of the loot. They were surprised that he didnt take the money - obviously it looks like the others were taking money.
Can't call it ethics but a strange belevolent partnership!!!

Heard stories where you can find 3 people bearing your name boards at the airport. One will be genuine, the other two come to kidnap you!!! I met a guy once while golfing who told me that he will call the office to find out the car reg no, then tell the person to bring the car to the airport forecourt before entering

during the oil boom in the 1980's, volvo uk used to airlift over 100 cars to Nigeria paid by cash every month!!!
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Have seen the city ( lagos) from the airplane while on transit travelling to Accra( ghana) and the city had a lot of high rise buildings. The city looked huge (comparitively)

I remember some ammunition explosions in the storage depots that happened way back in year 2001 which was in the thick of news.
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Can't call it ethics but a strange belevolent partnership!!!
This does happen in India as well. A couple of years back, it was in the news that for the construction of the Jammu - Udhampur Railway line, Kashmiri terrorists used to blackmail the contractors & engineers for money. The contractors & engineers used to get back some % commission.

When this issue was 1st investigated, the contractors & engineers said that they did it for saving their lives - but later it was found out that it was a cartel.

One of my friend who is in the Indian Railways also mentioned to me such a cartel existing in Bihar & other Naxal dominated areas.
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