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bharanidharang 27th July 2006 17:47

British Motor Show 2006
Hi Fellows,

Had been to the British Motor Show 2006 yesterday. Please find the pictures in the below mentioned link

I dont know if somebody has already posted pics from the show (searched but could find...though could have missed out). If so mods, please delete this post.

aah78 27th July 2006 20:09

good coverage of the auto-show.
the pictures have really come out well - the cut-away sections of some of the cars look especially nice. plesant touch added by the auto-makers.

most cars are recognisable but some captions below a few car pictures would be appreciated, so laymen (like me) can figure out which is which.

bharanidharang 27th July 2006 20:24


will add some captions...

was lazy when i uploaded the lot.

1Day 27th July 2006 21:31

Nice pictures, the lighting at the event seemed very nicely setup, i just dont like the lighting in chicago show, its too dim to take such nice lively pictures..anyhow good stuff..

tsxei 28th July 2006 00:25

Nice pics Bharani.

This one is super cool:

islero 28th July 2006 09:50

Nice pics Bharani, very well taken.

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