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Default 2015 Skoda Superb : Official Preview

Mod Note: Our Superb Report has been taken live at this link. Please continue the discussion over on the new thread. Thanks!

Team-BHP was invited for the 2015 Skoda Superb unveiling in Prague, Czech Republic:
Name:  01 0711.jpg
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Size:  89.4 KB

Before we get to the details:

• This is the 3rd generation Skoda Superb. It's grown further in size and has evolved in terms of design & features.
• June 2015 is when the model goes on sale internationally. However, India isn't likely to see it launch until next year (mid-2016).
• International pricing will be revealed in March.
• We've been told the car will be a "step up in terms of everything, including price".
• The B8 platform is shared with the new VW Passat, and yes, it is built on the MQB architecture (common engines with VW).
• Skoda says they expect to sell more Gen 3 Superbs than Gen 1 & Gen 2 combined (700,000 Superbs sold since 2001).
• 4 variants offered: Active, Ambition, Style and L&K.
• 14 colour shades (4 standard & 10 metallic).
• Skoda claims 29 'simply clever' details are present in the Superb. We've covered them in a dedicated post below.

Jozef Kabaň - designer of the Bugatti Veyron - is now Skoda's Head of Design. He's responsible for the way the new Superb looks:
Name:  03 0723.jpg
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Size:  78.7 KB

On the rear styling, he said: "Simple, clean, nothing unnecessary", and I completely agree! Note: No more triangulated facets like the Rapid & Octavia:
Name:  04 0726.jpg
Views: 85857
Size:  78.6 KB

The new Superb is 47 mm wider than its predecessor, and taller by 6 mm as well:
Name:  02 DSC06952.JPG
Views: 86350
Size:  95.0 KB

It certainly looks like it has a more planted stance. The well-proportioned and tasteful styling makes it a really handsome design:
Name:  02b DSC06939.JPG
Views: 85747
Size:  109.6 KB

Wheelbase is now 80 mm longer! Front overhang is 61 mm shorter, while the overall length has increased by 28 mm:
Name:  07 DSC06913.JPG
Views: 84932
Size:  90.9 KB

The C-pillar does take a very gradual drop towards the rear, much more coupe'ish than the outgoing Superb:
Name:  09 DSC06916.JPG
Views: 87201
Size:  100.9 KB

Ground clearance looked respectable, and if the car gets the 'rough road package' for India (very likely), it shouldn't be a concern at all:
Name:  10 DSC06953.JPG
Views: 82667
Size:  95.8 KB

There's no denying the family ties. Looks like a grown up Octavia, especially in white:
Name:  11 DSC06681.JPG
Views: 94172
Size:  96.4 KB

The Superb comes with halogen or bi-xenon projector headlights, depending on the variant. Auto-dimming & intelligently masked high-beam are offered too:
Name:  120 0768.jpg
Views: 82099
Size:  74.5 KB

The foglamps play a part in the "Corner Light Function" (different from the more advanced Adaptive Frontlight System):
Name:  120b DSC06666.JPG
Views: 81554
Size:  61.5 KB

There are some unique design elements inside the headlight assembly. This block is styled to resemble Czech crystal:
Name:  121 DSC06786.JPG
Views: 81283
Size:  111.6 KB

The longitudinally aligned lighting elements look stunning in the dark:
Name:  122 DSC06682.JPG
Views: 81543
Size:  55.8 KB

I can't say the same for these DRLs though. There's something about the shape, intensity & colour that makes me dislike them; especially on the Octavia. They look out of place on the distinguished Euro design:
Name:  123 DSC06881.JPG
Views: 80653
Size:  92.2 KB

They also function as indicators, which does redeem them in my view:
Name:  2015skodasuperbindicators7.gif
Views: 95439
Size:  107.9 KB

Note the little hood on the projector element, to help control unwanted light spread:
Name:  124 DSC06899.JPG
Views: 81728
Size:  135.1 KB

There's a strange gap under the headlamp housing. It's about an inch deep. Wonder if it has any aerodynamic benefit?
Name:  126 DSC06902.JPG
Views: 81471
Size:  132.1 KB

Isn't it refreshing to see a car design where the headlights don't look like they have been botoxed towards the A-pillars!
Name:  13 DSC06954.JPG
Views: 79712
Size:  72.5 KB

Despite the increased length, it doesn't look like a "limo" (as the outgoing Superb does). Owners won't feel awkward driving it around themselves when needed:
Name:  14 DSC06727.JPG
Views: 79604
Size:  115.2 KB

The tail-light surround is said to have the "Crystalline Element" effect too, although it just looks like a randomized pattern in person:
Name:  151 DSC06695.JPG
Views: 79163
Size:  80.7 KB

Notice the undercut on the tail-light housing. It's a design element that's been used very successfully all over the Superb, as you'll see:
Name:  152 DSC06626.JPG
Views: 78642
Size:  85.2 KB

Top view shows how the tail-lamps are sculpted to reduce aerodynamic drag and minimize dirt on the brake lights:
Name:  153 DSC06628.JPG
Views: 78278
Size:  70.9 KB

Take a look at these chrome blocks. They are neatly styled reflectors, with a concave face pointing rearward. Also note that the tail-lights aren't 100% LED:
Name:  155 DSC06744.JPG
Views: 78157
Size:  131.0 KB

Looks pretty darn sweet from the rear:
Name:  156 DSC06733.JPG
Views: 78195
Size:  78.5 KB

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Default Exterior Details

The sharp angular lines and excellent use of folds & undercuts make the Superb a stunning looker. This is even more evident with the overhead lighting on the white car:
Name:  03 DSC06787.JPG
Views: 80894
Size:  86.7 KB

Subtle usage of chrome to split the lower hexagonal grille:
Name:  04 DSC06788.JPG
Views: 76083
Size:  75.2 KB

If you look closely, you'll see that the vertical slats are replaced with a box at the center. Probably housing the distance sensors (used by systems such as the advanced cruise control):
Name:  05 DSC06789.JPG
Views: 76004
Size:  118.9 KB

Skoda's signature raised nose cone still persists as a design cue on the sculpted hood:
Name:  05b DSC06798.JPG
Views: 76972
Size:  64.0 KB

Wipers are tucked away below the hood-line to improve pedestrian safety & aerodynamics:
2015 Skoda Superb : Official Preview-06a-dsc06715.jpg

This forward facing camera helps with 'Lane Assist' and can also analyse road signs to warn the driver (e.g. changing speed limits, construction ahead):
Name:  06b DSC06683.JPG
Views: 78477
Size:  105.4 KB

The clamshell hood wraps over the edges and meets the fenders on the sides. Extremely clean & beautiful execution here:
Name:  07a DSC06771.JPG
Views: 75271
Size:  93.9 KB

A dual-hinged mechanism is used to slide the hood forward & up, allowing it to open without interference:
Name:  07b clamshellhood.gif
Views: 76780
Size:  697.5 KB

ORVMs are rather sporty by luxo-barge standards. Integrated blinkers & puddle lamps too:
Name:  07c DSC06797.JPG
Views: 74729
Size:  66.0 KB

The show cars wore the optional 19" wheels with 235 rubber:
Name:  7d DSC06633.JPG
Views: 81236
Size:  116.9 KB

Another 19" rim design. The standard tyre spec is 215 width across the range, with either 16" or 17" wheels (18" for the L&K):
Name:  7e DSC06873.JPG
Views: 76435
Size:  143.6 KB

The panoramic sunroof looks significantly sized from the outside:
Name:  16 DSC06611.JPG
Views: 79893
Size:  134.8 KB

However, it doesn't open much bigger than an average hatchback's sunroof:
Name:  09 DSC06690.JPG
Views: 74036
Size:  113.3 KB

Unlike the earlier Superb's sunroof, this one slides up & over. It seems to be identical to the Octavia's sunroof (image link):
Name:  10 DSC06687.JPG
Views: 76194
Size:  119.3 KB

I didn't catch any visible roof rack mounts. That said, the spec sheet says a roof rack is possible, with a 100 kg max load:
Name:  11 DSC06642.JPG
Views: 73439
Size:  72.1 KB

Shark-fin style antenna in a contrasting colour:
Name:  12 DSC06684.JPG
Views: 74351
Size:  47.6 KB

The corner/edge of the rear door is at least 12" from the door handle! So, when you open the door, the corner can sometimes graze your chest:
Name:  13 DSC06640.JPG
Views: 73124
Size:  84.5 KB

Chunky skirting on the doors adds to the solid & teutonic look of the Superb. The skirting isn't moulded into the sheet metal, it's plastic cladding:
Name:  14 DSC06637.JPG
Views: 74528
Size:  63.2 KB

Interesting contouring within the rear door frame. Just sharing the neat little details I saw :
Name:  15a DSC06694.JPG
Views: 72549
Size:  53.3 KB

Nope, this isn't a mud flap. It's in front of the rear wheels, and aids aerodynamic air-flow:
Name:  15b DSC06815.JPG
Views: 72692
Size:  100.5 KB

A close-up of the undercut being used as a design element to give the Superb that solid, sculpted look. Pretty large reflectors too:
Name:  15c DSC06803.JPG
Views: 73638
Size:  71.0 KB

Four reverse sensors hidden neatly on the black plastic cladding, rather than on the bumper. The black cladding also has faux exhaust cutouts in this case:
Name:  16 DSC06604.JPG
Views: 74559
Size:  75.5 KB

The exhaust outlet is hidden further in on this TDI variant. The TSI gets exhaust tips with chrome surrounds:
Name:  19 DSC06705.JPG
Views: 82385
Size:  100.1 KB

Two additional side-facing sensors (one on each side, over & above the 4 parking sensors). These help the 'Blind Spot Assist' & 'Auto Parking' features:
Name:  17 DSC06700.JPG
Views: 76326
Size:  82.8 KB

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Default Interior - Front

The interiors are conventional and elegant. There's nothing flashy or stylish to wow passengers:
Name:  01 DSC06920.JPG
Views: 93237
Size:  118.0 KB

The steering is the same unit that was introduced on the Indian Superb facelift exactly a year ago. I love the volume & info rollers:
Name:  02 DSC06926.JPG
Views: 76880
Size:  120.5 KB

4 interior colour combos on offer: all-black, black-grey, black-brown and black-beige (shown here):
Name:  03 DSC06924.JPG
Views: 109730
Size:  135.3 KB

The center console has gotten noticeably wider, with the 6.5" infotainment display grabbing most of the attention:
2015 Skoda Superb : Official Preview-04-dsc06922.jpg

A look at the all-black cabin:
Name:  06 DSC06754.JPG
Views: 72838
Size:  134.3 KB

A colour MID sits between the crisp dials. It is fairly high-res and well-integrated with the navigation & audio systems:
Name:  07 DSC06772.JPG
Views: 71970
Size:  112.2 KB

The touchscreen headunit has a proximity sensor...a brilliant feature! Less critical buttons aren't shown on-screen until you bring your hand a few inches away from the screen. As an example, for navigation, the map is shown full screen without any buttons taking up screen space; when you move your hand towards the screen, several buttons appear on top of the map:
Name:  08 DSC06747.JPG
Views: 71432
Size:  113.4 KB

Climate control knobs are from the same parts bin as the Octavia. Nice to use, and there are 3 zones (2 front, 1 rear):
Name:  09 DSC06748.JPG
Views: 71356
Size:  94.3 KB

An electromechanical handbrake button replaces the old mechanical lever. The button on the left of it "(A)" is for toggling the convenient Auto Brake-Hold feature. Above that is a button for the Auto Engine Stop/Start and the Mode selector for the Dynamic Chassis Control. On the right are the Auto-Parking and Parking Sensor toggles:
Name:  10 DSC06756.JPG
Views: 74321
Size:  128.5 KB

DSG. Three letters that will strike fear in the heart of any current Superb owner. Hopefully, that's a thing of the past:
Name:  11 DSC06855.JPG
Views: 70700
Size:  79.1 KB

Both front seats have electric adjustments, including lumbar support. 3 memory positions:
2015 Skoda Superb : Official Preview-11-dsc06945.jpg

This storage box includes an inductive antenna. It amplifies your cellphone signal and sends it to the vehicle's antenna - leading to superior signal strength & efficiency:
Name:  12 DSC06856.JPG
Views: 71473
Size:  110.3 KB

The Superb is a rolling WiFi hotspot too! Insert a SIM card in the glovebox to link up the Mobile Hotspot:
Name:  13 DSC06763.JPG
Views: 82513
Size:  106.4 KB

Another useful little storage cubbyhole below the light switch. 2 ticket/card holders on the right edge:
Name:  13 DSC06857.JPG
Views: 70298
Size:  93.4 KB

Standard sunroof and light controls. There's a button for the driver to control the cabin's rear light too:
Name:  14 DSC06776.JPG
Views: 70812
Size:  111.9 KB

Branded scuff plates:
Name:  16 DSC06685.JPG
Views: 69969
Size:  102.0 KB

While overall construction is solid, nothing about the interior material quality (e.g. door pads) jumps out at you as super-premium. The felt-lined pockets are a nice touch though:
2015 Skoda Superb : Official Preview-17-dsc06740.jpg

Additional Observations:

• The Superb has ambient interior lighting with selectable colours - similar to what we saw on the latest Mercedes S-Class.

• Heated seats (front and rear) were a blessing in the cold Czech weather.

• Ever sprayed your windshield and ended up with the windshield cleaner's smell inside the cabin? The Superb automatically switches the air-con to recirculate mode when you use the windshield washers! Same for when you engage reverse (e.g. reversing into a garage to prevent exhaust gases from getting into the cabin).

• The air-conditioner's fan speed regulates itself according to the vehicle's road speed, to better mask fan noise while still keeping the cabin temperature constant.

• Not only do the front & rear windscreens have heating elements within them, the windscreen washer spray is heated too!

• The infotainment display supports MirrorLink, as well as the latest from Android (Android Auto) & Apple (CarPlay) on its screen, via your smartphone.

• The top of the line Superb gets a 610 Watt, 12-speaker Canton audio system.

• A Skoda 'Media Command' app lets rear seat passengers control the infotainment system via their phone or tablet, if it's connected to the in-car WiFi.

• The following apps are available for the Superb:
  • G-Meter: Display of acceleration (Gs), speed, braking activity, brake pedal pressure etc.
  • MFA Pro: Enhanced onboard computer functions and applications of the multifunctional display (MID).
  • Performance: Tracking, display and storage of trip information such as speed, rpm, braking duration, acceleration and brake pedal pressure.
  • MotorSound: Engine sound simulation based on acceleration & rpm; two sporty engine sounds and one of an aeroplane available.
  • Smart Racer: A racing game where the speed of the virtual car reflects the speed of the Superb.
  • Little Driver: An educational game where children mirror the driver’s actions.

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Default Interior - Rear

The Superb has always been known for its exceptional rear legroom. Not much has changed:
Name:  01 DSC06918.JPG
Views: 70590
Size:  94.1 KB

Skoda says that rear headroom (never really a concern on the old Superb) has increased by 25 mm:
Name:  02 DSC06890.JPG
Views: 77608
Size:  123.3 KB

Despite the longer wheelbase, rear legroom is roughly the same as the outgoing Superb - which is still a lot! I'm 5'8", sitting behind my own front seat position here:
Name:  02b DSC06896.JPG
Views: 69520
Size:  111.4 KB

Seatback pockets are hatchback sized. Just wide enough for a magazine:
Name:  03 DSC06891.JPG
Views: 69835
Size:  139.6 KB

The seat cushions project forward for some extra underthigh support:
Name:  04 DSC06660.JPG
Views: 69257
Size:  99.5 KB

The outgoing Superb wasn't very wide. Skoda has increased elbow room at the rear by 69 mm (about 3 inches):
Name:  05 DSC06888.JPG
Views: 69584
Size:  141.8 KB

The old B-pillar vents move to the center console now. 3-zone air-con lets rear passengers choose their own temperature. External temp & clock display have been removed on the 3-zone version. Floor hump is still fairly tall:
2015 Skoda Superb : Official Preview-06-dsc06657.jpg

Pull-up rear window shades are extremely useful in Indian conditions (shade + privacy). Though, something about the mismatched shapes aggravated my OCD. The rear windshield gets a manual pull-up shade as well:
Name:  07 DSC06734.JPG
Views: 70087
Size:  121.6 KB

Sunroof positioning is more for the driver & front passenger than those at the rear. The much larger panoramic sunroof from the Octavia Scout (station wagon) would have been nice here:
Name:  08 DSC06659.JPG
Views: 68816
Size:  78.6 KB

The cavernous boot has 625 liters of capacity:
Name:  0 DSC06704.JPG
Views: 74504
Size:  128.1 KB

Unlike the outgoing Superb, there's no 'Twin Door' boot lid here. It opens like any regular hatchback. The pneumatic struts are neatly clad with a telescopic plastic cover:
Name:  01 DSC06849.JPG
Views: 68748
Size:  120.4 KB

Posing in the massive boot of a Skoda is a popular ritual that transcends boundaries:
Name:  02 DSC06848.JPG
Views: 74537
Size:  115.8 KB

Boot space increases to a massive 1,760 liters when the 60:40 splitting rear seats are flipped forward. The front passenger's seat can also be folded down, in case you need to carry something really long (up to 3.1 meters):
Name:  03 DSC06817.JPG
Views: 69349
Size:  174.2 KB

Spare wheel & neatly packed tool kit:
Name:  04 DSC06841.JPG
Views: 69359
Size:  135.0 KB

In addition to using this button to close the boot lid, you can also use the remote control, or gently pull the lid downwards to activate the 'Tip-to-Close' feature:
Name:  05 DSC06625.JPG
Views: 67845
Size:  63.3 KB

Surprisingly, this is the first time that the large Superb gets a reverse camera:
Name:  06 DSC06624.JPG
Views: 67912
Size:  77.0 KB

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Default 'Simply Clever' Features

And now, some of the clever little details on the Superb...

Got your hands full with shopping bags? Just wave your foot under the rear of the car and the boot opens up automatically (provided you have the key on you). Will be a popular party trick:
Name:  02 0736.jpg
Views: 68068
Size:  97.9 KB

The good ol' toll / parking ticket holder:
Name:  01 DSC06949.JPG
Views: 67929
Size:  111.4 KB

The Blind Spot Assist icon lights up and flashes to warn you of a vehicle in your blind spot (when you attempt to change lanes):
Name:  02 DSC06635.JPG
Views: 67992
Size:  68.3 KB

Yes, the famous umbrella is present! There's two of them, one in each front door. They have an anti-bacterial coating so they can be stowed away when wet without causing any problems. The front door positioning makes more sense in the self-drive markets, and might also be more convenient for chauffeur-driven passengers (assuming their chauffeur will be on umbrella duty, allowing the passenger to shut their own door immediately after getting in):
Name:  03 DSC06632.JPG
Views: 70264
Size:  102.3 KB

The center storage-bin lid doubles up as an armrest. It locks in place at varying heights as you lift it:
Name:  01 DSC06760.JPG
Views: 67423
Size:  130.0 KB

The central bin is rather big, and has its own adjustable cooling vent & light too:
2015 Skoda Superb : Official Preview-02-dsc06766.jpg

There's a little flap on the floor which covers a deeper slot. Large tablets or small laptops can slide in here and still allow the lid to close:
Name:  03 DSC06770.JPG
Views: 67959
Size:  151.7 KB

Cup-holders have a sliding cover. Note those 5 raised dots at the base? They interlock with the 5 dimples on the bottom of a typical 500 ml bottle, preventing it from spinning, so you just need one hand to twist open the bottle! No need to take both hands off the wheel. Quite handy eh?
Name:  04 DSC06768.JPG
Views: 67202
Size:  139.5 KB

Need more legroom? The front passenger's seat can be electrically adjusted by the rear occupant via these controls:
Name:  05 DSC06656.JPG
Views: 66747
Size:  139.0 KB

A 230 volt power outlet for rear passengers, in addition to the standard 12v outlet & USB socket:
Name:  06 DSC06809.JPG
Views: 67121
Size:  115.8 KB

This tablet holder is a nifty add-on. It can dock into the center armrest, and swivel & tilt in any direction:
Name:  07 DSC06645.JPG
Views: 66470
Size:  114.1 KB

It can be easily removed too (the square socket is where it docks in):
Name:  08 DSC06735.JPG
Views: 66460
Size:  111.7 KB

There's a similar socket mounting for the front passenger's headrest, allowing your tablet to be stationed this way:
Name:  09 DSC06653.JPG
Views: 66333
Size:  103.7 KB

One size fits all tablets! Pull the piece at the top to enlarge the holder, and push it downwards to get a grip on your tablet (it ratchets into place):
Name:  10 DSC06652.JPG
Views: 66571
Size:  89.0 KB

Ice on your windows? This neat little ice-scraper is conveniently housed in the 'push-to-open' fuel flap:
Name:  01 DSC06619.JPG
Views: 66066
Size:  78.9 KB

Yank a lever in the boot, and the tow-hitch magically swings out:
Name:  towhitch 4.gif
Views: 67038
Size:  304.6 KB

The rear seat flip-down latch makes expanding your storage space super convenient. There's a 12v socket in the boot, as well as various baggage hooks:
Name:  04 DSC06621.JPG
Views: 66105
Size:  188.2 KB

Take a good look at the boot light...
Name:  06 DSC06826.JPG
Views: 66035
Size:  135.7 KB's removable, and there's a button on it:
Name:  07 DSC06822.JPG
Views: 65720
Size:  96.7 KB

It's an LED flashlight! Has 2 white LEDs at the top:
Name:  08 DSC06823.JPG
Views: 66007
Size:  65.6 KB

The best part is that it always stays charged when docked in place:
Name:  09 DSC06825.JPG
Views: 66943
Size:  110.2 KB

The large box is probably the subwoofer housing, but let me divert your attention to the grey flaps on the cover below:
Name:  10 DSC06821.JPG
Views: 67383
Size:  186.8 KB

They are removable and foldable, with Velcro at the bottom:
Name:  11 DSC06829.JPG
Views: 65357
Size:  77.6 KB

Stick 'em onto the boot floor and they make a very sturdy placeholder. They'll prevent bags & other items from sliding around:
Name:  12 DSC06834.JPG
Views: 65458
Size:  139.8 KB

All 4 of them slot back neatly into the cover with a click:
Name:  13 DSC06836.JPG
Views: 65100
Size:  118.0 KB

The other side has some goodies hidden away too:
Name:  14 DSC06818.JPG
Views: 65733
Size:  159.8 KB

A portable tyre inflator that runs off the lighter socket:
Name:  15 DSC06819.JPG
Views: 65085
Size:  137.7 KB

Cabling and tubes are neatly tucked away:
Name:  16 DSC06820.JPG
Views: 65966
Size:  173.9 KB

An example of the attention to detail in this car - Hate holding up the boot flooring when accessing the spare wheel or tools? Just loop it onto this little hook. It even disconnects & drops the flooring back down when you shut the boot door:
Name:  18 DSC06839.JPG
Views: 65111
Size:  194.8 KB

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Default Engine, Drivetrain & Safety

International markets get to pick from 16 different engine & drivetrain combinations. What we'll get in India is still unclear:
Name:  01 DSC06711.JPG
Views: 65343
Size:  156.1 KB

As you would expect, there's some solid insulation under the hood:
Name:  02 DSC06876.JPG
Views: 64901
Size:  105.1 KB

• The Superb's engines are from VW's EA211 & EA888 series (also found in the Octavia).

• The 16 different drivetrain options offered are made from a combination of the following:
  • 3 TDI common-rail diesel engines (tunes)
  • 5 TSI petrol engines (tunes)
  • DSG is being offered on every engine, except the lowest spec petrol
  • AWD options available too
• The 2L TSI AWD with 276 BHP is the top spec motor. It does the 0-100 dash in 5.8 seconds! Nope, there's no 3.6L V6 anymore, but this 4-banger puts out 20 BHP more than the old FSI V6, with the same peak torque of 350 Nm (through a wider range of 1700 - 5600 rpm).

• Conversely, the 1.6 TDI / 118 BHP Automatic is the slowest of the lot, with an 11 second 0-100 time.

• All powertrains meet EU6 emission norms & have start-stop technology (which can be turned off), as well as a brake energy recovery system as standard.

• The 1.4L TSI in the 148 BHP state of tune offers 'Active Cylinder Technology' (ACT), which can disable cylinders no. 2 & 3 when they aren't needed. This is a boon for efficiency & emissions.

2015 Skoda Superb : Official Preview-2015skodasuperbenginespecs.png

• Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) is a new feature on the Superb that offers 3 driving modes: Standard, Sport & Comfort.

• The Superb is equipped with Multi-Collision Brake (it applies the brakes after a collision to prevent another one), Front Assist (radar) with City Emergency Brake, Lane Assist, Tyre Pressure Monitoring, 7 airbags (with additional rear-side airbags as an option) and 3-point seatbelts for all 5 passengers. There's even a visual warning displayed when rear passengers aren't belted up!

• Traffic Jam Assist has been added to the Superb. It's basically cruise control down to 0 km/h, which can automatically resume motion even after a short stop.

• Driver Alert (fatigue detection) & Emergency Assist (slows down and stops the car if the driver becomes unresponsive) are present on the new Superb.

• Blind Spot Assist uses the side-facing sensors to look up to 20 meters behind the car for any vehicles in your blind spot; very useful when changing lanes.

• Rear Traffic Alert uses the same side-facing sensors to inform you of cross-traffic behind you (e.g. when reversing out of a parking space). The Superb can automatically apply the brakes if it senses side-traffic whilst reversing.

• Light Assist can automatically switch the headlamps to low beam when it sees an oncoming vehicle. Smart Light Assist (an option) takes it further by just masking out the part of the high beam that's hitting the oncoming vehicle.

• Kerb weights range between 1375 - 1615 kilos.

• 66 liter fuel tank capacity across the range.

• 11.1 meter turning circle (~5.55 m turning radius). A negligible 0.1 m radius increase over the outgoing Superb.

Disclaimer: Skoda invited Team-BHP for the Superb's unveiling. They covered all the travel expenses for this event.

• Attached below are the expanded spec sheets, including the AWD variants.

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Default Re: 2015 Skoda Superb : Official Preview

An astonishing level of detail, thanks for the brilliant report Rehaan! Love your captions, love the style of writing.

*Rates thread a fully-deserved 5 stars!*

The new Superb looks absolutely stunning!! I'm glad they've gotten rid of the quirkiness of the current generation. Its styling just never appealed to me. On the other hand, this 3rd-generation's clean lines & proportionate design suit my conservative palette; I can't take my eyes off it. Am surprised at how well they've concealed that l-o-n-g wheelbase stance. As you mentioned, it really doesn't come across as a 'limo' at all (can't say the same for the current Superb which looks too long & too narrow).

Skoda had better prepare itself in terms of meeting local demand. Remember how the new Octavia was starved of kits and suffered long waiting periods? This could be one of the reasons that the new Superb is going to take so long to get to Indian shores. Other areas for Skoda India to desperately work on: Its dealerships & after-sales, the air-conditioner (2nd-gen Superb has many Delhi owners fuming in the summer) and the 7-speed DSG's reliability. I'm still not convinced that the latest DSGs are faultless. Guess only time will tell.

Like the 2nd-generation Superb, the 3rd-generation also has the potential to become a gamechanger. It'll make the entry level Germans look pointless & overpriced. Actually, forget the entry-level Germans, even the E-Class, 5-Series and VAG's own Audi A6 would look troubled, if it weren't for the badge they carry on the hood....

For those who've missed it, here's another preview from Rehaan that's an enjoyable read Mercedes S-Class. Add 2 -3 paragraphs on the driving experience and these can become Official Reviews .

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Default Re: 2015 Skoda Superb : Official Preview

Rehaan, What a photo essay! My 5 star rating says it all. Thank you for your photographs and illustrative captions. After Sales Service notwithstanding and the need to 'patao' the service engineers our Skoda Superb and ex-Laura gave excellent service (both with manual transmission) and the Superb continues to be the car to be driven in especially with its leg space. The new car has bettered the looks and no longer seems like an elongated dachshund dog!! The extra height will make ingress & egress easier too especially for the unsupple (like myself). This new car looks worth considering when it will be time to replace the current Superb in a year or two. Once again thank you for a delightful article.
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Default Re: 2015 Skoda Superb : Official Preview

What a detailed preview of a wonderful car! The pain to document every little thing that matters is very very impressive.

Skoda looks to be getting it right as far as design these days,first the Octavia and now this. No wonder they expect to sell more than both generations put together,there's nothing to dislike about the looks unlike the earlier generations. I thought the new Passat will be good,but this seems to have the edge over it.

This has been repeated a million times,but i'll say it again,I really hope Skoda gets it right with after-sales and support here. The current gen Octavia and this Superb can help them regain the position they held once upon a time in our market.

Noticed the 1.8 tsi with identical 177bhp but different torque,320 and 250 nm respectively. What changes have they made here?
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Default Re: 2015 Skoda Superb : Official Preview

Originally Posted by shashank.nk View Post
Noticed the 1.8 tsi with identical 177bhp but different torque,320 and 250 nm respectively. What changes have they made here?
Good catch!

I think it might be something to do with the max torque that DSG gearbox can handle (the 250 Nm version is the AT!).

To quote from our Octavia Official Review:
Originally Posted by Vid6639 View Post
The torque has probably been restricted, as the Octavia 1.8L TSI is only available with the 7 speed dry clutch DSG gearbox (DQ200). This gearbox can handle a maximum torque rating of 250 Nm.

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Default Re: 2015 Skoda Superb : Official Preview

Thanks Rehaan! Beautiful, simply beautiful! I have always loved the clean lines of Skodas and this is taking it to just another level. And looking at Skodas, it will definitely carry enough grunt under the hood as well. Oh and did I mention those A8'esque headlights and those magnificent alloys!?

This is how interiors should be designed. Fill it to the gills with features but that doesn't mean you design it in a garish manner!! Now, I just hope they bring the car as it is to India and don't make any stupid 'India specific' changes to its headlights, taillights or interiors..

That 'swipe-your-leg-to-open-the-boot' mechanism was latest scene in the new S-Class isn't it? NEAT!

It is not a car. Its a bloody luxury Sofa-cum-Bed on Wheels!! IMO, this is the perfect C/A4/3'er killer!


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Default Re: 2015 Skoda Superb : Official Preview

With that kind of tech and goodies, who in his right mind would want to spend on CLA, B or A series.

Superb preview.
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Default Re: Engine, Drivetrain & Safety

Originally Posted by Rehaan View Post
• The 2L TSI AWD with 276 BHP is the top spec motor. It does the 0-100 dash in 5.8 seconds! Nope, there's no 3.6L V6 anymore, but this 4-banger puts out 20 BHP more than the old FSI V6, with the same peak torque of 350 Nm (through a wider range of 1700 - 5600 rpm).
0-100 in 5.8 seconds. IIRC, the BMW 530d does the 0-100 dash in 6.1 secs.

For the not so enthusiastic drivers, the Superb would make the 5/E/A6 appear pointless.

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Default Re: 2015 Skoda Superb : Official Preview

Wow! What a detailed preview!
Allthrough the photos, I was searching if the umbrella is still there. Brings memories of our dear Sam Kapasi.
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Default Re: 2015 Skoda Superb : Official Preview

For all that Superb offered, i could hate it and defend my Camrys and Accords by mocking the Superbs' quirky styling and reliability horrors. Looks like that games up.

I can honestly say am smitten by the styling and details of the car. The front has the presence of A8 ( in pics at least) and the amount of small small details make me reminisce my uncle's old S class. A feature discovered a day.

Reliability horrors still standing, this will be a smash hit until a diesel Accord or Camry(unlikely) comes along.
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