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Default Team BHP gets quoted in the UK Sunday Times,00.html
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Great going!!!

BTW, whoz Rush Parekh??
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Originally Posted by karthik247
Great going!!!

BTW, whoz Rush Parekh??
Ain't he is our very own GTO?

Great! Team-bhp is really going places.

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Great...TBHP going places

Originally Posted by karthik247
Great going!!!

BTW, whoz Rush Parekh??
thats our GTO....
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Default Nothing for Indian Team-BHPians to feel proud about!

Jeremy Hart's article in the British Sunday Times is nothing for Indian Team-BHPians to feel proud about.

On the contrary, it's still about British pride in Rolls-Royce as a statement of the ostentatious displays of the now dead British empire.

The British marque, Rolls-Royce when it was too sick to survive, got sold-off to the German BMW.

Today with the Indian IT-driven economy swelling, creating wealth in India, Jeremy Hart prays, albeit in vain, for a revival of Rolls-Royce's days in the once-upon-a-time, never setting Sun of the British Raj.

Yes, a miniscule minority of Indian wealth does profess affinity for a Rolls-Royce car. But to describe that, as India's 50-year dormant national love affair, is nothing short of misinformed British wishful thinking.

Jeremy Hart goes on, wishing that the new breed of self-made Indians — CEOs, entrepreneurs, sports-stars and celebs will prefer to buy Rolls-Royce cars rather than build and support an Indian luxury brand.

Quite on the contrary, as Indians, won't we prefer to envision an Indian luxury brand overrunning Europe and Britain?

Mr. Hart closes with more wishful misinformation. That Poonawalla's Phantom has attracted nothing but smiles and joy rather than envy to the faces of the poor of India. He clean misses the point that, the frenetic economy-building eastern cultures have no interest in the entirely western emotion of envy for a Rolls-Royce.

Finally he concludes, taking the liberty to mock the Hindu belief in reincarnation with, "Perhaps the largely Hindu population is hoping it might get its hands on a Rolls-Royce in the next life"!

For shame!

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1: Your comments are your own intepretation and not the authors
2: I do not see any Rolls haters around and India has been fond of Roller's
3: So what if Mr Hart hopes that we buy Rolls Royces,will be a lot cheaper than us creating a brand
4: At least he protrays the janta as happy re: "the smiles and joy" aspect
5: Do you belief in reincarnation, if so would you go for a better deal in life?
6: This subject is off topic - main point is that we got exposure
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Kudos to Team-BHP,

and Rush Parekh.

Note from the Team-BHP Support Staff : Personal attacks on fellow BHPians are STRICTLY prohibited on Team-BHP. All members are part of the Team-BHP family and any discriminating or derogatory comment is uncalled for.

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Besides the closing, rather derogatory and patronising sentence, I enjoyed the article. Good exposure. I like how is a luxury automobile club from Bombay
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Originally Posted by ajmat
...- main point is that we got exposure
Hardly. And he doesnt even seem to understand what TBHP is about.

I agree more with what Ram says here.

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Guys,everybody has their right to comment so Please do not criticize others and keep names. Ajmat if possible could you add a poll to this subject, that whatever was written in this article was right or wrong so that we dont have people saying he sould not have said this and that and end up going off topic.No doubt TBHP was mentioned and the site is suerly gone get more visitors and new members too....

Cheers Ed...

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I don't know what you guys are goin on about, nor do i care. All i know is, team-bhp was mentioned.

Like they say, any publicity is good publicity. So lets just be happy about it.

And what RAM said were his own views. This being a forum, everyone has the right to appreciate and criticise.

If anyone doesn't agree with his comments, ask him why he feels so. There are other ways of approaching this disagreement, personal attack is not one of them.


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“Ten years ago India had only four kinds of car, including the Hindustan Ambassador (based on a 1950s Morris),” says Rush Parekh of, a new luxury car club based in Mumbai. “Now we have about 20 different manufacturers and upwards of 80 different models."

"a new luxury car club" !!!!!!!???????

So we are now members of a luxury car club??? How many of you own a Rolls Royce, or a maybach or an arnage or even a S class or 7 series??
Come on guys we are not what has been mentioned... That Hart guy just has taken advantage of our popularity to give more mileage to his article... It would have been better if he had reffered to us "a new auto freaks club".
Nonetheless, good going TBHP!!!!
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Team-BHP is called as a new luxury car club. WOW!!
Now, somebody beat that!

BHPians! please dont nickpick on others nicks! GBPSCARS, that was something we hated to read!
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aint this the second time we are veing noted in the UK??
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1. I tend to agree with Ram's views.

2. I disagree that any exposure is good for Team BHP (this is my personal view, though), even if the information provided about the forum was off-target by a few miles. Quality of exposure is also important - how useful would this kind of exposure be if people logged on expecting discussions on luxury cars to find that we discuss a/c condensor problems in a 3-generation-old Suzuki Alto?

3. I dont see what we're argueing about - the article was about India's obsession with RR and how the Brits hope that we will start patronising "their" cars again, even though its German now. Its quite similar to the attitude of most Brit expats who land up in Dubai and want to buy a Land/Range Rover to show their loyalty to their crown and the Union Jack, even though it is American, is probably 2nd hand and has clearly seen better days - obviously we cannot expect them to write about how we're taking to Jap, Korean and Indian-made cars because that is not what THEIR readership wants to hear.

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