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comfortablywacky 27th August 2006 15:53

F599 GTB up in flames!
Dreadfull !!

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redrage 27th August 2006 19:50

OH MAN , thats a disturbing one! whats the story?

Mugen_Power 27th August 2006 20:14

Oh ****..
Do You Have Taken The Pics ??


heelntoe 27th August 2006 20:15

the owner took delivery of the car and after a while the engine caught fire. ferrari will build a new car for the customer

sridhar24 27th August 2006 20:20

Oh thats sad to know, but i wonder what might have gone wrong with that car to catch fire.

ess_a 28th August 2006 00:38

Thats what 250,000$ look like when they catch fire!!lol:

CaliforniaKnight 28th August 2006 01:05

how come ferrari and fire gel together in a lot of incidents?? the one the happened in chennaialso had a similar tragedy right??

ranjan united 28th August 2006 03:20

This certainly isn't the Ferrari that people have come to expect. Are they getting shoddy with their cars ???

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