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Venom_rider 7th September 2006 10:58

North American Eagle

From the introduction page in the Website...


In our web site you will learn how a group of men and women, from the United States and Canada, are building the world's fastest automobile. Our goal is to break the current world land speed record of 763 MPH (341.09 m/s), set on October 15, 1997.

In October of 1997 RAF Pilot Andy Green drove the Thrust SSC to a new world record of 763 MPH (Mach 1.02). The car's owner, Richard Noble, held the previous record set in 1983 with Thrust2 at 633 MPH (282.98 m/s). For over 20 years now the British have held the record. We feel its time to bring the record back to North America, but it will take a team effort and corporate sponsorship to make it happen.
The duel between US and UK has been on for a few decades now to try and beat the Land Speed Record. I don't see it subsiding in the future either.

The Scene from the year 1965...

Craig Breedlove (US) >> Gary Gabelich (US) >> Richard Noble (UK) >> Andy Green (UK) & now the North American Eagle eyeing the 800 Mph mark.

This sure is gonna be an interesting try... Imagine MACH 1.05 on LAND... :Shockked:

Check this page for some mind boggling information about the vehicle itself...

aniguchisan 7th September 2006 23:42

I want the British Thrust to hold this one...don't want big, bad Americans stealing this.

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