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Scientists have constructed the world's smallest car using parts from a single molecule.

Follow this link for more details: The World's Smallest Car.

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incredible. too good to be true. at first i really didnt believe what i was reading.but its really this i call 'intricate'
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Holly Molly!!!! My flippin Goodness!!!

I'm outta words ma boy!!!
So, Smart has a competition!
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Intelligence sources will be fond of this thing, just as they are fond of other micro objects for surveillance. But its a remarkable thing.
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But sensationalism apart, let's agree on a definition of car:

a car as we understand it:
  1. Must have wheels. (Luke Skywalker's hovercraft is not a car)
  2. Must have a seat to carry at least one human being in safety. (a radio-control toy is not a car)
  3. Must have the engine on-board. (San Francisco cable-car is not a car)
  4. Must be road-worthy, with enough acceleration to reach a speed which would not create a hindrance for other road-users. (a child's ride-on plastic Jeep is not a car)
  5. Must have enough braking deceleration to stop in an emergency, without killing the occupant in the process.
  6. Must be worthy of RTO registration.
Now what is the smallest car?

There was a British car mass-produced in 1962, called the Peel P50.

It was 4 ft. 5 in. long, 3 ft. 3 in. wide and had just one light in the front of the car.
Like a motorbike, it had no reverse gear. To turn it around you could get out and physically point it the other way!

It was powered by a German DKW 49 cc two-stroke engine and could reach 61 km/h.
It was registered for road use in the UK.


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Ah, the Peel P50...built at the height of the micro car craze, alongwith the BMW isetta, messerschmidt and heinkel trojan i think...if you look carefully you will see the trademark handle to lift the car and turnabout if u wanted to reverse...coincidentally this years Goodwood is showcasing microcars as the speciality...
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called the Peel P50.
Crosslinking :

Check out a Peel p50 video here > (The Peel Car. And Jeremy in it!)

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