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USA: Dual Clutch ATs losing popularity

After Volkswagen introduced dual- clutch transmissions in 2003, several mass-market automakers followed suit, only to encounter quality bugs and consumer complaints. Ford Motor Co. and Honda Motor Co. suffered a spate of complaints after introducing dual- clutch transmissions in the Ford Focus, Ford Fiesta and Acura TLX. And Fiat Chrysler -- which once planned to produce 700,000 dual- shift gearboxes a year in the U.S. -- has dropped it from its long-term plans for North America.

Consumer Reports and J.D. Power have both reported a sharp uptick in complaints about faulty transmissions, as automakers seeking better fuel economy rolled out dual-clutch gearboxes, continuously variable transmissions and eight- and nine-speed transmissions.

"In the past, transmissions were things you could count on, but that's no longer true," said Jake Fisher, Consumer Reports' director of auto testing. "We are seeing major problems that will leave people stranded on the side of the road."
Source & Full Article

Last edited by GTO : 9th December 2015 at 12:45. Reason: Keeping the fair usage policy in mind, it's best to share an excerpt + link to full article. Thanks
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re: USA: Dual Clutch ATs losing popularity

Interesting read! After reading the article, I infer that most problems seem to be related to American firms e.g. Ford and Chrysler. Anyways, Nissan GT-Rs, Porsche 911s and the likes using DCTs, will continue to be sold there unabated
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re: USA: Dual Clutch ATs losing popularity

When we moved to Kansas City the one thing that struck me is the number of transmission repair shops in the USA. You will find one on just about every street corner it seems. The article suggest that until the introduction of the dual clutch the Americans did not have any problems with their AT boxes. Given the number of (specialized) transmission repair shops I find that hard to believe. Never the less, it appears that the Dual Clutch variant, and especially the US brands, have some serious issues.

I dont think it is about getting used to dual clutch versus a regular autobox. As long as you dont stomp on the throttle most people wouldnt even be able to tell the difference between a dual clutch and a regular AT box. I always find Americans, by and large, have a very relaxed way of driving. Doesnt really make a difference.

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Re: USA: Dual Clutch ATs losing popularity

Honestly, conventional ATs have evolved and how. While take off from a standstill was always smoother in regular ATs, the new breed also offers fast upshifts & downshifts. The ZF 8-speed in my car blows any dual-clutch AT out of the water. It's absolutely flawless in terms of smoothness, shift speed & response times.

Even if we leave the high-end cars aside, regular ATs like Honda's 5-speed are very competent. CVTs are also continuously improving.

Complex DSGs are expensive to build and expensive to own. VAG does say they've sorted out the reliability issues, but I'm not buying that just yet. Let the 2014-15 cars complete 100,000 kms, then we'll talk.
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Re: USA: Dual Clutch ATs losing popularity

I agree with the improvements in conventional ATs. Any technology with continuous improvements will be more reliable than an relatively new technology most of the times.

With the complex nature of DSGs, it would take more time to sort out issues. And US consumers who are overwhelming users of AT vehicles might find them lacking in smoothness
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If you look closely, the complaints are mainly clutch engagement, roll back, and noise and harshness. The Americans are too used to the smoothness of the torque converters.
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Sharing some videos by Consumer reports. They give a fair idea about how are the various transmission systems fairing.
Even the CVT seems to be plagued.

Video 2:
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Re: USA: Dual Clutch ATs losing popularity

Mazda did not go for either the DSG's or the CVT and instead came up with their own solution on top of a usual torque converter automatic.
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