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Default Motorcycle Powered Cars

Hi All,

Came across this nice site on cars thats are using bike's engine

================================================== ================

Current motorcycle engines are pretty sophisticated. You don't have to look at MotoGP engines to see it either, just visit any motorcycle dealer and look at the street bikes ready to follow you home. Many 600cc sportbikes produce over 100hp and 1000cc liter bikes develop over 150hp. The Suzuki Hayabusa comes in around 175hp and thanks to a well developed aftermarket, the big 'Busa can be turbocharged, given the big bore treatment and, of course, fitted with nitrous, for unbelievable horsepower gains. At a recent horsepower shootout, one well massaged Hayabusa cranked out over 700hp!

Why not cars?
With a little imagination you might look at those engines, note their compact dimensions, peer under the hood of a small car and go hmm...

Well, before you pat yourself on the back for being so creative, it should be noted that folks have been putting motorcycle engines in cars for quite some time.

The Cooper Car Company was putting 500cc JAP motorcycle engines into a ladder frame special and making a race car back in the late 1940's and BMW dropped a motorcycle engine into the Isetta in the mid 1950's. Even earlier, in the 20's and early 30's, the Morgan Motor Company built their famous 3 wheelers with V-twin engines from JAP and Matchless mounted right out front. If you're interested in very early micro cars and motorcycle powered cars you have a lot to choose from, there's the Peel, the Velorex, the Berkeley and many others that most people have never heard of. There's a large following and many active collectors for these early motorcycle/car hybrids but our focus here is on the modern engines produced today.

Some of such cars are:
Radical Extreme Sportscars

Formed in 1996 to build racecars powered by superbike engines, they have been very successful with a constantly evolving series of cars. Radical is also the creator of the SR8, powered by their own V8 engine, created by joining the top ends of two Suzuki Hayabusa engines to a common crankcase. This Hayabusa based V8 in original form is producing 363hp and looks stunning. Their newest SR9 is a larger displacement version, growing from 2.6 liters to 3.0 liters with a commensurate increase in horsepower.

Z Cars Ltd.

Z Cars makes the motorcycle powered Mini, one of the most "gotta have" cars around as well as the Tiger. Several configurations are available, both single and twin engined R1 power, Hayabusa and turbo Hayabusa in the Mini and all sorts of Tiger variants.

And just for good measure, their web site says they're working on a conversion for a Smart car. Remember those? Stock power output is 60hp. News Flash!! This just in... The Smartuki has now been built. It's a GSX-R1000 powered Smart Car with 180hp, 0-60 in 4.2 sec. and 12.4 quarter miles. I like it.

================================================== ================

Read about more such cars on this site. They also have complete details of the coversion for above mentioned models as well as a lot more



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The first Ariel Atom prototype was equipped with a 900cc Honda engine. Later they changed it and put in an engine from the Honda Civic Type-R.

And a Smart Car doing 0-60 in 4.2 seconds

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Default SMART with a Hayabusa engine

I found this video of a SMART car with a hayabusa engine, its looks like a lot of fun to drive...

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