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_Crazi4Speed_ 2nd March 2004 08:16

*I have posted pictures of the infiniti G35c which is nothing but the nissan skyline(not the GTR, but the regular skyline)..

You can get the stats from this link:

Performance Stats

Dimension Compare

Plus the G35c is a 4 seater, the back rows are not bad..The problem comes i love both the styles, cant decide which one i would like ot have better...

ps:- i am thinking of getting a new car sometime this want to take some opinions..

Some nice photos to encourage decission ;) or may be cause confussion depending on how you look at it



Shan2nu 2nd March 2004 10:53

I chose the Infinity bcoz, for the same kind of power and a lesser price you get a much better and more practical car.

It would have been different if the Z was an outright performance machine but, it's i'll stick to the Infinity.


Dippy 2nd March 2004 13:11

Go for the Infinity

Great car for a lesser price not bad performance either


GTO 2nd March 2004 17:11

Nissan baby, sports cars are chosen as much for their looks as their performance. And I dont particularly like the looks of the Infiniti.


Rehaan 3rd March 2004 06:41

Im with baby

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