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Originally Posted by sujaylahiri
The Veyron can put 1001 HP to the ground because it was designed from day 1 to do so. Whereas cars like the Skyline or even the Corvette were designed to put 505 HP on the ground and but they had a lot of potential.
Many factors come into account like tyres, differential, drivetrain etc. etc.
e.g. the Veyron has an AWD with only 2% of the power going to the front wheels and 98% to the rear wheels. This was done to prevent excessive wheelspin and loss of traction. Whereas skyline has a dedicated AWD and the Corvette a traditional RWD layout.
Also do keep in mind that both of them cost approx. 1/5th of the Veyron.

Regarding the stock output of the Veyron, no other car in the world has 4 turbos with intercoolers. That's an achievement alright, but I read somewhere that without that it's output was like any average supercar which are naturally aspirated.

Acc. to me the Veyron would have been a great car had they made it lighter, slightly smaller and with the same acceleration timings even if they had something like 800 HP in it. 1001 HP is no big deal in North America. Many dragsters, monster trucks can have that. What's important is that it should be nimble, have confidence in handling and be good on the track.
Do you think you can take your Veyron for a drift? Lugging that huge mass of a car the wrong way and correcting it? Compare that to say a 911.
Originally Posted by sujaylahiri
I never said that cars like the CCX, Mclaren F1 are a waste. The McLaren F1 GTR is still my all time favourite supercar. In fact coming back to the topic of the thread, IMO the Carrera GT 9ff is a better supercar than the Veyron. Again different people have different ways of looking at supercars. WHile you may prefer the above mentioned features, for me it's pure performance. I don't care about safety, luxury etc. If it's fast and handles and brakes well, it's my favourite car. I will never give up driving experience for "other" things.
Btw, the M6 is a sports coupe and is in a different category. What I meant before was cars like the CCX, Zonda F, Carrera GT etc. Also from my signature you must have noticed that I'm a Corvette fan too.
You had mentioned Skyline in between thats why I said M6 , and from what I have read it can take on many supercars ..... or for that matter even an M5. MacLaren F1 seems to be your fav car based on your likings whereas Veyron , I find it equally good coz thats my opinion . I shouldnt go an explaining an M3 fan why the present RS4 is superior, right ? Now you feel careera GT 9ff is a great car ! but even thats a souped up 5.7 litre 600 bhp engine with turbo charger and works , this one is a 7.9 litre engine souped to 1001 bhp. Any way ..nice to meet a person with a different taste
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