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elf 14th October 2006 13:27

The Rolling LM Palace...
Allegedly Laxmi Mittal's 3-Axle Transporter...

I received these snaps by mail recently & thought it would be interesting...

I do not have the source or know of the authenticity of this information.
If anybody does, please do let me or the mods know so that the post can me modified accordingly to reflect the picture credits.

In the meanwhile - enjoy!

This is supposedly Laxmi Mittal's home away from home. Although why the gentleman in question would want to roam the streets of Europe in a glorified tour bus eludes me... Maybe for extended factory visits...?

The Outside.

Wanna Drive...?

The "Outside Lounge".

The Private Seating Area...

The Master Bedroom...

The Guest Bedroom...

Here's something I could use (as happily, could most members) during our early morning TBHP meets... :)

Vid6639 14th October 2006 13:44

Something looks weird here. lets see im guessing theres a seating area then the guest bedroom then master bedroom and finally the loo.

The pic "the outside lounge" and the private seating area look identical just that one is from the back of the bus and the other from the front yet the decor seems different namely the ceiling the foot stand for the chair and the coffee table.
Also there are 3 pics of the bedrooms and all 3 are different for 2 bedrooms?

Nonetheless awesome pics truly palace on wheels. But would like to see that thing turn into corners with that height and imagine the plight the passenger in the loo when it is actually turning into a corner at a good speed. LOL.

sajo 14th October 2006 13:45

The bus seems really impressive.Especially the interiors, which are marvellous. But someone like Mr.Mittal, can always take his private jet(assuming he has one) to any city in Europe. So it doesnt serve the intra-europe travel purpose. Inside the city which is not his home, he could be better off hiring Rollers and Bentleys. He may have had it made, but I am not sure if he uses it.

elf 14th October 2006 14:06

Don't shoot the messenger - read my disclaimer in the first post, guys!

Josh 14th October 2006 14:18

The first two bedroom pics are the same. Take from both the sides.

Nevertheless and excellent design. Love the driver cabin.

manikjeet 14th October 2006 15:09

I would kill to have something like this.

gud post elf

aniguchisan 14th October 2006 19:02

Nice pics, I think some of the pics represent the same floor area/room in a different decor.

speedzak 15th October 2006 02:57

This is KEWL!!!
Are the rooms in 2 different levels? Or does the picture seems to make the room bigger than real?
Anyway the interior looks bigger than the exterior which is really suspicious.
Maybe Elf's disclaimer explains it better; Authenticity is quiet missing.

Or am I being too much an envy minded coward???? :p

aniguchisan 15th October 2006 03:07

As I said, the rooms are probably being displayed in different trims.

Vid6639 15th October 2006 09:48

Take a look at the first pcture speedzak. It sticks out from the side by a good 2feet or so.

The balance looks way off if thats the case. It doesnt lookk driveable with that much overhangs.

satish_appasani 15th October 2006 16:23

A similar bus including the overhangs on the sides was featured today in the suday booklet of a local daily. That bus also has a car park bay beneath it between the front and rear wheels and the owner parked a Merk SLK in it.

Godfather 16th October 2006 00:22


Originally Posted by satish_appasani
. That bus also has a car park bay beneath it between the front and rear wheels and the owner parked a Merk SLK in it.

what happens if u hit a bump esp the kinds that are in INDIA....HAHAHAHA
If i had a SLK and a bus witha parking way in hell i will put my slk anywhere near the BUS forget in a parking bay..

ranjan united 16th October 2006 02:23

Ah yes, the glorious life of luxury. Now that is called travelling in style (apart from arriving in a LP640 or a Zonda F).

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