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dZired 7th March 2017 14:51

Norway's achievement - 50% of new cars are electric or hybrid
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Norway has claimed that over half of the new car registrations in the country for the first month of this year have been for electric or hybrid cars. According to the official figures revealed, 33.8% of new car registrations in January 2017 were of hybrids, while electric cars contributed 17.6% to the total new car sales. As a result, the cumulative sales of hybrid and electric cars in the country amounted to 51.4%.

This inclination towards hybrid and electric vehicles is the result of various efforts by Norway's government to promote electrification of the country's car fleet. Oslo, Norway's capital, offers various benefits to electric car owners, including bus-lane access, privileged parking and toll-free travel. The country also has all infrastructure-related facilities for electric car owners. In addition to plenty of the regular recharging stations, Norway also has the world's largest fast-charging station, which has the capacity to charge 28 cars simultaneously in just half an hour.

Thanks to all these initiatives, Norway currently has the highest per capita number of all-electric cars in the world. The country is now aiming to completely eliminate fossil-fuel powered vehicles by the year 2025.

Source: Dawn

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rrsteer 7th March 2017 16:36

Re: Norway's achievement - 50% of new cars are electric or hybrid
Not impressed! If they are so serious, they should first hold back from destroying the Arctic by stopping all the planned oil exploration ventures in the Arctic.

PS: Interesting choice for source.:)

Lalvaz 7th March 2017 16:52

Re: Norway's achievement - 50% of new cars are electric or hybrid
Very impressed. Norway is pulling out all the stops to make people embrace hybrid/electric technologies. Fast charging stations which can charge a car in 30 mins sounds like heaven. I'm sure if these were implemented in Bombay for example, Reva sales would surge.

Heck, just the incentive of toll free access itself will get people scrambling to buy a Reva. ;-)

Dawn does manage to spot a lot of these niche interesting stories which goes unnoticed in India. For instance, they're currently talking about a book on Mr&Mrs.Jinnah. Don't see that ever being covered here.

Thanks so much for sharing this.

racer_ash 7th March 2017 16:59

Re: Norway's achievement - 50% of new cars are electric or hybrid
With almost all of the electricity generated coming from Renewable sources, Norwegians have effectively reduced the use of fossil fuels in two of the biggest culprits of lands based emissions; Electricity generation and Automobiles. I was impressed by the infrastructure available for charging electric vehicles during my visit to Oslo late last year. Many companies special parking spaces with free charging ports for their employees who use Electric vehicles. Pretty impressive! And that IMO is the biggest encouragement for someone to move electric, government subsidies aside.

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