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Rekha 2nd December 2006 12:44

Honda Jets to the Future
hi BHPians,

Honda rolled out two new concept cars at the LA Auto Show yesterday -- a sports car that looks ready for the runway and an hybrid fuel cell vehicle.
The silver sports car looks like a mini jet fighter and features a 4-cylinder engine and a 6-speed manual transmission. Nice eye candy for now, but it could be the shape of real things to come.
Even more interestingly Honda has hybridized its FCX fuel cell vehicle and plans to roll out a new production model in 2008. The new FCX features and redesigned fuel cell stack and drive train that are is much lighter and 40 percent smaller than the previous model. The 127 horsepower vehicle uses a natural Bio-Fabric for the interior (yeah less plastics!), and replaces mechanical parts with a Shift By Wire transmission.
Most significantly Honda added a lithium ion battery for auxiliary power. This shows that hybrid technology will enable fuel cell vehicles to be more efficient by capturing braking energy and extend their vehicle range. The press release doesn't mention if the car can run only on battery power at low speeds however.
Fuel cell technology still has lots of room for improvement before it will become cost effective, and then there's the hydrogen infrastructure problem. But the continued progress is encouraging.

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speedzak 2nd December 2006 18:31

Saw this on some websites today. The Remix concept really looks weird. eek:

Honda is trying to be very futuristic with these ugly designs. Not something I would love from a Honda.

The technological advances are much welcome. But, designs? UGGH, AIYEEEE!

GTO 2nd December 2006 23:18

Somehow I see a lot of Accord in the second concept. All this talk of alternate energies is damn interesting, and its only anyones guess what the next big automotive fuel may be. Most global manufacturers are placing strong bets on different kinds of energy its going to be jackpot for some, and a drain for the others. Something like Sony and its proprietory DVD technology.

This discussion about alternate fuels reminds me of an interesting interview of Mr. Carlos Ghosn where he made a convincing argument of why Nissan wont invest in alternate fuels.

Or maybe its because they cant afford it.

Rekha 5th December 2006 13:14

This discussion about alternate fuels reminds me of an interesting interview of Mr. Carlos Ghosn where he made a convincing argument of why Nissan wont invest in alternate fuels.
may i know what exactly was the argument made by Mr. Carlos about the alternate fuel or from where can i get what he told (Source).

heelntoe 5th December 2006 15:54

i see civic, accord, tsx and tl in the second car.

the first one looks a bit similar to the acura advanced concept(for the sake of your eyes, dont google that.)

alternative fuels will succed, which fuel though will remain to be seen. i was watching a show on discovery where they showed a couple of air(yes air) powered vehicles, one had a rotary engine and they use compressed air stored in tanks.

ajitkommini 5th December 2006 16:54

When I saw the title of this thread i thought it referred to this

Rekha 6th December 2006 13:44

sorry guys. posted in wrong thread by mistake about camry and corolla

Jay 6th December 2006 14:18


Originally Posted by heelntoe (Post 333368)
i see civic, accord, tsx and tl in the second car.

agree:... exactly what i thought when i saw it first...

ballkey 19th November 2007 10:07

Those who're following the Interwebs would be aware of the Honda FCX concept, now to be released as Honda Clarity. It comes to the market in 2008.

Honda FCX Clarity: Car of the century? - Telegraph

Has a hydrogen fuel-cell driven motor, with a range of 270k and a 0-100 time of around 10 seconds. The cool thing is, they've come up with another innovative way to refuel the thing - a home-based device to convert piped gas(cooking gas) to hydrogen.

Alternative Energy: The Best Way to Refuel Your FCX Clarity

Natural gas is reasonably abundant, and after a long time, I think this is a reasonably good alternative energy concept. The styling is not too bad, there is reasonable power and range, and they seem to have answered the refuelling question. With just water vapour as exhaust, this is possibly the cleanest option too.

I'm hoping a few enterprising Indian carmakers take inspiration, and start exploring alternative energy concepts soon enough.

vivekiny2k 17th January 2008 09:26

the concepts are on honda website now, CR-Z looks like prius. also a protoype pilot, looks more like land rovers to me.

Prototype Honda CR-Z Concept Car - the Official Honda Web site

sujaylahiri 17th January 2008 09:56

I thought Honda was already selling the FCX in California and some other states and they also had a number of hydrogen filling stations there. Although the initial operational cost is much higher than diesel or gasoline, but it gives out zero emissions. But Honda said that once they opened up more filling stations, then it'll be much cheaper to run.

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