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Originally Posted by scooby05 View Post

Well, do we agree that:
1]all the power of the supercars is just for the spurts and overtaking, and the thrill thereof.
2]nobody anywhere in the world really drives them beyond say 200/210kmph, again except for small spurts, since its illegal and cameras are effective everywhere.or for drags and races.
3]has anyone put the cruise control on at 250kmph and cruised along an expressway/autobahn?
4]we are all car freaks and so should appreciate everything about Supercars, instead of bitching how they are not suitable for India.
Beyond a point what does a person work for?-- to be able to spend on these Toys na!! and get the thrills from them!! besides the pride of owning one!!
Lets be frank and have a poll, asking how many people on this forum would not LOVE to own a Supercar had they got it for a gift?? so all the discussion circles around having to spend the Money to own one, and since that Money is Scarce, supercars are not worth it for Indian roads!!
Sorry for this statement.
In principle yes, but not in entirety.

1. While power is used for momentum and acceleration (obviously), there is a lot more to a performance car than speed. Its about handling, braking and clipping that apex.

2. You seem to have missed the point (if indeed you are reffering to my/GTO threads). The point is not top speed. It is about being able to commit yourself to a higher than average speed without fear of the road surface catching you out. Most of my "serious" driving is done under the national speed limit (and plenty over!) on bends that a standard car car would only be able to handle at 40mph...while my cars will do it at 70mph. the thrill is in the delivery and the rapid response.

4. Agreed! However, maybe if someone made more of a stink of the state of the infrastructure (roads), you boys would be able to enjoy your "toys" in the way the manufacturers intended. You have the benefit of a huge country with stunning scenery where speeding is not really an offence... Sort your roads out. There will be no place like it in the world to drive in.

Personally, the one thing I cannot stand is a garage queen. I know two owners of F40's (the most fantastic car I have ever driven) and both couldn't be more different. One has over 50,000 miles on it, and the other hasn't even made it to 10,000. Seems like such a waste. Both have the resources to maintain the machines, but only one uses it the right way.
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Advocatus & scooby05,

Its strange because i agree with both of you.
I think you are both saying the same thing, but just in different ways with different points of view.

Firstly, i would say this thread is about common Ferraris and Porsches, and those would be supercars (360, 430, 612, 911, boxter, cayenne, cayman...).

So excluding the more exotic ones (Enzo, F50, Carrera GT, GT2...), i think ferraris and porsches are very driveable in our conditions. Surely they are not ideal conditions, and surely they can rarely be pushed at the top half of their speed spectrum.

And as you yourself said Advocatus, the fun is safely (within the added abilities of the supercar) doing something twice as fast as you could do in a normal car. Plently of these opportunities exist in India, and infact probably more so than other places.

Secondly, there are several AMAZING roads outside city limits, superb road surface and great curves. It just a question of making an effort to get out there.
Also, some of the roads i have seen in North India are hands down the most beautiful stretches of tree covered blacktop i have seen, curving through the forests. No crappy cement roads with expansion joints. Perfect glistening tarmac.

Originally Posted by Advocatus
It is about being able to commit yourself to a higher than average speed without fear of the road surface catching you out.
Maybe scooby05 does in some sense agree with you? Because after all his nick is scooby05 for a reason, and not ferrari05 or porsche05

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For the styling, the design, the performance, the image and the pedigree. I like the newer models like the F360, the F430, the Enzo, the 599GTB etc. Not much of a fan of classic designs.

The only Porsche i like is the CGT and the Avalanche 911
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i'd rather go with the porsche...
its more practical and fun to drive car...

rather than wasting all my time in maintaining the ferrari i wud love to rev the porsche to its limits....
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Originally Posted by naveendhyani View Post
when i have so much money to buy these beasts i will rather not worry much about the practicality or reliability. FERRARI for ME
I agree.... even i would opt for the ferrari
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