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GTO 2nd March 2004 00:56

So are you ready for the latest German Sports Sedan? Watch out M5 and E55 AMG...heres the grand daddy of them all - A FOUR DOOR PORSCHE!! A V8 Powerplant pushing out 500 horses, top whack of 200 mph and boy o boy...useable luggage space.



Dippy 2nd March 2004 01:04


She sure looks sweet. The 4 doors have been incorporated pretty nicely and with the tech specs given I'm sure it will set the roads on fire...

500 bhp V8 200 mph absolutely delicious!!!!

They were successful with the Cayenne lets see how they go about with this one



Ps. Is it in the latest issue of Autocar UK?

Aditya 2nd March 2004 01:13

Porsche seems to be trying hard to earn the mantle "King of Surprises". First they go and make an SUV that leaves performance saloons eating its dust and now this.
Am I shocked?
Hell I am. This is a knock out punch!
P.S. The car dosen't look bad at all. But 200mph? Aren't the Europeans insisting on an electronic speed regulation? They seemed pretty unhappy with the Vauxhall Lotus Carlton if I remember correctly.

Dippy 2nd March 2004 01:40

Who cares bout those limiters? I just hope they come out with the 200 mph they claim


Revvmaster 2nd March 2004 02:17


Great scoop. The new 4-door Porsche looks hot. But i guess their need for a 4-door performance saloon is debatable (they cud have gone 2+2 ala Scilagetti). Look at it this way, once they have this car, they will get request for a milder version, say 450 or 400 bhp version. Then people will ask for a stretch version (if not, Sultan of Brunei wud do it himself). Finally all of this will lead to the creation, slowly but surely, of another BMW, this time in Stuttgart.

No doubt, Porsche will create a great car, my point is, does it really need it? Unless they plan to get into F1, i really don't see why they should have one. But since off-late, performance sedans have become the flavour of the season, its not a bad idea.

Their major competition will be the other German rivals (i count Jag out of this, they just arent close enough). The E55 AMG, RS6 and the upcoming E60 M5. And if they want to beat all of them, they have to be better than the M5, undoubtedly the best of the three.

Check out the new M5

Revvmaster 2nd March 2004 02:17


Revvmaster 2nd March 2004 02:18


Head-on, the car looks so much 1-seriesh... kinda yuck with that huge air dam and mesh combo looking kinda sad. But then when u check it in profile from this angle, it looks athletic, very much similar in stance to the old great e-39 m5

Revvmaster 2nd March 2004 02:20

Here's more, courtesy M5 Board

Revvmaster 2nd March 2004 02:22

The car was caught testing at Nurburgring

_Crazi4Speed_ 2nd March 2004 03:05

Porsche 4 Door:
Hmm...what is this???..couldnt they keep to what they do best, that is make supercars ;)

jk jk...i love it , i would debate about the back side, but the front and the side are pretty daRn sweet..

Looking forward for some more picutres and release date..


Dippy 2nd March 2004 12:59

The new M5 looks a bit rear heavy. And plus the headlights and tail lights look a bit wierd totally un BMWish

Anyways lets see what the final production car looks like


GTO 2nd March 2004 16:41

I thought I'll wait to see all your opinions before offering mine on the 4 door Porsche. Well...the thought of being behind the wheel of a sedan with a porsche suspension and their delicious sounding fast engines is enough to make my mouth water. The front end and side profile is fine, but the rear looks out of place on a 4 door sedan. Its quite understandable why Porsche have jumped onto this band wagon, as revvmaster rightly said - muscle sedans seem to be the hot cakes of the new millunium.

The new M5? I hate it...I know its faster and rides better than the E39, butttttttttttttt it does not have half the character of its predecessor.


Dippy 2nd March 2004 16:45

The new Porsche is amazing but I and Aditya were discussing this morning. about the launch and we both felt 2007 is really too far away and seeing the Porsche is going Ferrari wont sit quietly and if not a Ferari four door something from the Maserati stable is sure to come out


GTO 2nd March 2004 17:04


Maserati already have a four door ready dont they, I remember seeing Luca presenting it at some auto-show


Dippy 2nd March 2004 17:15

Yeah GTO they have the Quattroporte but 2007 is some time away . I'm sure they'll have a new machine in the making till then especially when Porsche has come out of the wraps with its 4 door model


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