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ChiragM 10th December 2019 10:45

TEN Publishing to stop printing 19 car magazines, including 'Automobile'
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According to a media report, The Enthusiast Network is discontinuing print versions of 19 out of 22 of its car magazines, including Automobile. It is said that digital coverages of the magazines will continue.

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The discontinued titles include 4-Wheel & Off-Road, Automobile, Car Craft, Chevy High Performance, Classic Trucks, Diesel Power, Hot Rod Deluxe, Jp, Lowrider, Mopar Muscle, Muscle Car Review, Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords, Mustang Monthly, Street Rodder, Super Chevy, Super Street, Truck Trend, Truckin’, and Vette.

Only 3 magazines will continue to be published. These are Motor Trend, Hot Rod, and Four Wheeler. They are said to be the most profitable magazines and will be available in both print and digital.

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BZ25 10th December 2019 12:43

re: TEN Publishing to stop printing 19 car magazines, including 'Automobile'
That's sad, especially when seen from sentimental perspective. But in this digital age where people have access to excellent forums like Team BHP, there is really no need to subscribe to such magazines. Even in the USA there are some excellent forums, and YouTube is a great medium for viewing car reviews from different sources and even countries. The era of print media is slowly coming to an end. It is a dying breed.

GTO 11th December 2019 08:31

Re: TEN Publishing to stop printing 19 car magazines, including 'Automobile'
Most of the 19 discontinued magazines were targeting niche segments, but its sad to see 'Automobile' on the list. When I was in the USA, I actually preferred Automobile's writing over that of Car & Driver or MotorTrend.

But the times are changing and it's a tough ride for car magazines. Even in India, we have a lot of strugglers, as well as those that were sold in a fire sale (BS Motoring). The internet has made them irrelevant, car manufacturer budgets are moving online, their reviews are biased & the news section is a month old at the time of printing.

Making matters worse is the "YouTube" rush. While YouTube gets you the views, monetization is very poor. That's one of the reasons MotorTrend moved away from YouTube and went behind a paywall - related article.

Jeroen 11th December 2019 11:20

Re: TEN Publishing to stop printing 19 car magazines, including 'Automobile'
That is a shame, but that is a trend hitting all sort of printed publications. Just a few will survive, hopefully the UK version of Topgear!
Interestingly enough classic car magazines seem to be thriving. These days very glossy magazines. And even the odd new comer, such as Octane, that is doing apparently quite well.

Main stream cars are becoming more and more a commodity, whereas classic cars are more of a hobby/interest phenomena. Wonder how long that will last.


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