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rahul_intlad 15th March 2007 20:17

BMW crossovers the X6 and the X4
BMW X6 coming in 2008

BMW's chairman today confirmed the X6 crossover vehicle will go into production at the company’s North American plant next year.

The X6 is designed to mix the best bits of BM's saloon car range with its X3 and X5 off-roaders - but wrapped in a coupe-inspired design.The X4 is the baby brother of the X6.

As as two computer generated image show, the upper section looks like a coupe, the bottom half an SUV,BMW's X6 is the lovechild of a sleek coupe and chunky 4x4.

At around 4830mm-long, the X6 (codenamed E71) is fractionally longer than its sibling, the X5.BMW insiders refer to the X6 as a Sports Activity Coupe.

More details:
BMW X6 - Secret New Cars -


BMW X6 coming in 2008 - Secret New Cars -

torqueunlimited 15th March 2007 20:37

I dont think it will be anywhere close to those photochops. But it will definitely be one heck of an amazing piece of 4x4 madness!

iraghava 15th March 2007 20:55

The pics are all wrong with regards to the proportions of the car, there is no way something like that is going to be produced even under Chris Bangle!! I would say it would have smaller wheels, reduced ground clearance, less height , more swoopy roof line etc.

But should be fun to watch how this comes out & works in the international market!

1Day 16th March 2007 04:44

the side profile of the design is quite nice, but i want to see these 2 to really decide of BMW is capable of coming out with a new segment, because this one really is combining the CLS style and an SUV to make a couple like SUV..

anyhow atleast that what it seems from the pic..

Also iraghava, if you would have seen an FX45 in pictures, thats how the wheels look, just in your face..20 in on a very smallish car, so to say that it might not be a part of the production coudl be wrong, but then again i am basing my idea of an infiniti FX(the best looking crossover ever)

hmishra83 19th March 2007 20:54


Originally Posted by 1Day (Post 392492)
infiniti FX(the best looking crossover ever)

agree: on that! Infinity FX rocks for sure.

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