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Pawan, the correct combinations are:

small block/ big block
short block/ long block.
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Originally Posted by highwayblaze View Post
Dude you're soooo right.
I once drove with an office colleague in his pontiac sunfire from indianapolis to cincinatti which is a two hour drive. his car had 9000 miles on it.

After driving for 1/2 hour on this hot summer afternoon his cars dashboard lit up like the "vegas strip" !!
EVERYTHING WAS ON. ABS, TCS, ENGINE OIL, BRAKE FLUID. O MY GOD. He finally sold it earlier this year to settle for a used honda civic which had 120K on it. See even a 120K civic is more reliable than a production car that has 9K on it. Man this is a production car mass produced it has to get better by the year. Instead by the last production year they make sure that all the warning lights start coming on. LOL....
Not that I think sunfire would be reliable, but it seems like the new American cars produced recently are more reliable than the germans(still behind the japs). The reliability has gone up many folds, while the japs have gone down too, did you see the number of recalls toyota had recently, somewhere i saw it did some 1 million cars and then again some more..but still japs rule the reliability stage and how germans are trying to come up, so are the americans(a little more successfully)..

anyhow based on your ride with your colleague i remembered this from a Lambo Murielago owner:

The Murci broke down right south of Georgia and we were stranded for 3 hours after 2 cop stops within 5 minutes of each other, until we finally managed to get it started again with a battery booster. Lamborghini Roadside assistance was very unhelpful. They had cops lined up waiting for us after several people had called in telling them about a high speed murci.

The V1 and Laser Pro Park (yes it does work) both saved my *** today smile.gif

They weren't able to get me for speeding a single time, I did however get a ticket for failing to shift lanes with an emergency vehicle on the side of the road. The cop was a complete douchebag. He threathened to write me up for 78mph in 70mph zone, illegal side window tint, illegal windshield tint and illegal exhaust modifications. Then he proceeded to tell me he had driven a friends Diablo and hated it and wondered why I would waste 300k on a car that doesn't have cruise control. For everything he was threathening to cite me for he was quoting the paragraphs trying to show off lol.

We also ran into an awesome cop when we were stranded who gave me a ride to walmart so I could get the battery booster smile.gif At least they are not all bad. I'm sure Villhelm will post videos and pics later.


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