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Default Next big thing from toyota - A 3000 mile ranged car

Toyota's next car a 3000 mile wonder

"We had a challenge in the 1990s to develop a car with an exhaust cleaner than the air around it. That led to the Prius,"

The new goal is a car that can go 3,000 miles, coast to coast in the U.S., on one tank of gas.

"Our 2010 vision is to be the most admired automaker through continuous improvement and respect for people," Bonini said.

Jamie Bonini,is an executive at toyota usa and was addressing a crowd at Aquinas College.

Source: Everything Michigan

I wish them all the luck but think they have raised the bar a bit too much this time.

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3000 miles on one gas tank? insane dude,so much for torque and bhp figures.
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Hmmm... slight problem here. Let's do the math backwards shall we!

1. We know they plan to travel 3,000 miles from one tank of fuel.

2. In a normal car we can accomodate let's say 40 to 60 litres of fuel in a bigger car this can go upto around a 100 litres. (remember, I'm talking single fuel tank not dual)

3. So that makes it approximately 26-30 gallons (US) of fuel in the car.

4. So dividing 3000 miles by 30 gallons we are looking at an FE of 100 miles to a gallon which means 167 kms on 3.78 litres of fuel. That means roughly 44kmpl.

I personally think 44 kmpl on a car tuned for economy should not be a very tough task of course, assuming that the fuel tank can hold 100 gallons of fuel. VW had exhibited & driven a car some years back which averaged 1L diesel for 100 kms but of course, it was not usable on a daily basis & was designed mainly as a technological show piece during Dr. Piech's reign. They however used to sell a VW Lupo Diesel in Europe capable of doing 3L to 100 kms on diesel.
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You can do it now. Just keep a larger tank on boot with a connection to fuel tank! Travel 10,000 miles in ONE tank of fuel

Joking apart, if Toyota claims something, I believe they do have the capability to it.

Off topic:
I don't know why Toyota still didn't bring Aygo in India. It is such a good fuel economic car!
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I do not think Toyota is just saying something for heck of it. They are known to be a no nonsense and a professional company and they have shown it. They are all set to become the largest automobile company in the world. I am sure they will deliver on their promise. Kudos to them thinking that way. Remember the whole world laughed when VW said that they will make a car with 1000 horses with a top speed of 400 kph. Now we know what they are capable of.

As someone has calculated, 44 kpl could be achieved.

Go Toyota go!!
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