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Rodeo 23rd March 2007 19:11

Melbourne motor show unleashed
I happen to go melbourne motor show. Here are few pics:


Loads of more pics. Will upload bit later.

Rodeo 23rd March 2007 19:21

New corolla:

New Elentra:

BUSA 23rd March 2007 20:40

Thanx alot Rodeo for the pics, more pics awaited.

The corolla looks like a Mini Camry to me.

Nitin 23rd March 2007 21:14

The Corolla looks a lot like the Yaris..

pawan 23rd March 2007 22:27

hey nice pics awating some more pics but mainly that of a holden's.

sreenivass 23rd March 2007 23:26

The cars look more solid over their previous generations, I hope they are built more solid. As far as the corolla goes, it has always been Camry's younger sibling..

faithless_1984 24th March 2007 02:19

hey nice pics rodeo.!
do you have a pic of the elantra with the hood down ?

v1p3r 24th March 2007 03:35

Next to the Elantra, is that a hot yellow 2 door Verna?! Ya got a pic of that?

payam 24th March 2007 12:25

nice pics man waiting for more snaps

Rodeo 24th March 2007 15:13

Is there a easy way to upload snaps? i hv loads...

Rodeo 24th March 2007 15:20

Here are more:

Rodeo 24th March 2007 15:24


Originally Posted by faithless_1984 (Post 397589)
hey nice pics rodeo.!
do you have a pic of the elantra with the hood down ?

Unfortunately no!!! Missed that out. But i can say its much much better than current. Best looking hyundai i can say.

Rodeo 24th March 2007 15:27

Not to miss this one and the cost...

benbsb29 26th March 2007 13:50

The new Elantra actually looks good...
Rodeo.. nice snaps.. please do post the remaining snaps too.... kinda looking forward to them.

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