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1Day 23rd April 2007 01:07

2007 Castagna Aznom (Another Supercar added to the lust bin)
A fully built car picture is not available and no shots of the inside(if they have made it different than the regular Z06), but the car on jacks look awesome, its has some bit of the retro in it and all carbon fiber body with those arches makes it look so luscious


Castagna, the Milanese atelier for cars run by an architect, used the Top Marques Monaco show to debut its new supercar. Known for its work with all things Mini (check out the outlandish Mini Crossup), this is a departure for the coachbuilder that got its start in 1849, and was formerly known for its unique creations during the Jazz Era.

The car is called Aznom, and in coachbuilt tradition utilizes the rebodied chassis from a Corvette Z06. Laid over that is a carbon fiber body that brings the entire car in at under 3,080 lbs. It probably looks much more elegant sitting on its wheels than it does on jacks, but it appears absolutely mean from any angle. A grill reminiscent of the first Corvette gapes beneath a waspish-looking front end flanked by monumental wheel arches. From there, the curves, lines, vents and scoops don't stop until the 3-piece rear diffuser. Not apparent in the picture, the silhouette of the car on the Castagna site has mirrors mounted on the fenders on stalks.

No matter what you think of the looks, if Castagna's telling the truth, the Aznom is going to be excruciatingly quick: 700 hp, 701 lb-ft of torque, a 218 mph top speed, 3.4 seconds to 62 mph, and 9.5 to 124(seem conservative to me). You can expect the price to likewise be excruciatingly high(uuhhh!! that hurts). An official launch is slated for May.

From: - Castagna Aznom

Mayavi 23rd April 2007 03:41

Is anyone thinking Aston Martin?

pawan 23rd April 2007 08:15

this car looks like a morgan with that long sloppy front.

1Day 23rd April 2007 10:34


Originally Posted by Mayavi (Post 419452)
Is anyone thinking Aston Martin?

I dont know, not really...its like pawn said a little morgan-ish(but only after he mentioned it), but i think its cool..very cool looking..

aniguchisan 23rd April 2007 15:28

Look everybody! It's an Alfa Romeo 8C in gun metal grey!

payam 24th April 2007 00:08

it can not be anything else but a 8c

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