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Mugen_Power 8th December 2007 00:56


Originally Posted by Nitin (Post 649370)
True..between friends 1 sec may be nothing.But for those serious street racing fanatics,it could mean the world.

It doesnt matter if you win by inch or mile, Winning is

Btw Evo X is far better that Sti in looks according to me.

Nitin 8th December 2007 02:02


Originally Posted by Mugen_Power (Post 650639)
It doesnt matter if you win by inch or mile, Winning is

Btw Evo X is far better that Sti in looks according to me.

I second that..cheers: ..( both, about winning & the looks).

speedzak 8th December 2007 02:33

Man! This is turning out to be very interesting. Mitsubishi will try everything this time to beat Subaru upside down. Just look at the way the Evo looks at you! It's evil love!

I just cannot understand why Subaru made the imprezza so girlish. Huh! I am a big fan of older Scoobys.

cheap_deal 8th December 2007 14:40

always loved the evo. have not driven the scooby so cant comment.
hope to get a TD of the evo IX soon.

Shan2nu 8th December 2007 16:01

U guys need to watch this - YouTube - New Evo X (SST & Manual) vs Evo IX vs Old Impreza WRX STI


RajaTaurus 7th January 2008 16:03

Folks, The Mitsu dealer in Chennai tells me that EVO X is expected to be launched in India by end of 2009 or 2010. THey are going to only showcase it in Delhi Autoshow..!!!:Frustrati
Any update on that..???

Nitin 7th January 2008 22:23

I wouldn't be surprised if that information is right.
The dealerships here in the US will begin to get their stocks of the Evo sometime in July/August 2008. The guy I spoke to told me that they have already received advance payments for 3 Evos, and that it'll be in limited availability until the production numbers go up. Not too sure about that,but i'll touch base with the sales guy & find out.

sajid33 9th January 2008 00:18


Originally Posted by ajitkommini (Post 431151)
With the radiator / intercooler exposed like that, what happens if the car ahead kicks up a large stone or something?

you got a point there man !! now let's find the answer ! any comments guys ???

Nitin 9th January 2008 00:51

A colleague of mine got the front end of is 1993 Nissan Sentra modified.I;d say it looks quite similar to the styling of the new Evo,with the bigger mesh. He made the air dams/vents bigger and when the mods were done,he got a 2nd screen installed behind the front grill/mesh. This is made of aluminium,and being light weight it was easy to install. Couple of times small stones bouncing off the tires of a vehicle in front hit the mesh,but the screen stopped anything from getting past.

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