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Originally Posted by moralfibre View Post
Good move! Very very well done. Now can we have the same initiative by the cops here to curb Rickshaw menace please.
wow i cant stop laughing ,well most of the traffic here is menace so what all will we crush
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As the article said, track is fine but street racing is purely insane.
A truck driver was killed the other day when he lost control after getting cut off by cars that were racing on the highway. Two corvettes were caught racing at 200 KMPH, again on a highway.

These guys have no right to endanger the lives of others.
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Default Good job!

As much as it feels bad to scrap good cars, its a very good move to curb the menace of street/drag racing. These guys are really good at what they do, and the modifications are really worth learning from. I've seen some cars, some low level cars like the Elantra & Mercury Cougars that pump out close to 400bhp!! and these were all done in private garages..

I think this move should be adopted where ever there's a threat by drag racers. its the only way to stop rash drivers & maniacs from getting on the freeways.

A colleague at work was hit by 2 drag racers, 3 yrs ago. She had to be pulled out of the wreckage,and she hurt her leg so bad that she still has a limp. She had 6 major surgeries,and the expenses rolled into $500K +. Apparently,2 teens were racing on a 2-lane road,and 1 guy lost control going head on against my colleague. Good thing she was in a Lexus ES330. Thats the only thing which saved her life. She's one tough person,so she was able to take the trauma.

Good going, cops!!
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Dammm....FOLLOWING makers in ONTARIO,Canada have decided to Crush cars that they "think" or "determine" would be used for street racing. Its like the movie "Minority Report" they'd have a pre-crime and figure out who's gonna street race and before he / she does his take their ride and crush it !
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Originally Posted by iraghava View Post
Please read the whole story before you post Pawan, they were dragging & doing the burnout ILLEGALLY. That is why the crushing was justified.

Is Southern California alone Illegal Dragging has been responsible for 13 deaths since March this year. And you should ask one of the residents there about how dangerous & irritating these people are with their "Riced" out cars before commenting on what happened & what the authorities did was wrong.
Read the first post, Ishaan. zakaaaaaaaas mentions the incident in Tennessee (?) where some teenagers were run over by a drag car, and has linked it to this. Pawan was right.

I think it's a stupid move. Nowhere in the story do I see proof that these guys were the ones who killed anyone. One guy flashes a receipt for a tranny, which the police claim is stolen. Who do you believe?
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Old 23rd June 2007, 00:06   #21
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This is heartbreaking. I dont like to see any car be crushed (even if is unrecoverable, some parts can always be reused and thats how a car lives on). Infact I did not like the images at all. I can understand the damage these cars sometimes inflict because of some insanity on part of a few people ,but crushing those poor cars (yeah I make it sound as if the cars are alive, but beleive me, I always think that cars live, they talk)
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I believe the owners/drivers of these cars should be crushed beyond recognition, not the poor machines that were being used, but i do accept that the rickshaws in our country need to be crushed along with the owners as they are the most unstable, unsafe & dangerous vehicles on our roads. Thanks to mr. bajaj, our govt turns a blind eye to this petty issue whereas it becomes so important that you have to re register when you migrate to another state.
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Originally Posted by v1p3r View Post
I think it's a stupid move. Nowhere in the story do I see proof that these guys were the ones who killed anyone. One guy flashes a receipt for a tranny, which the police claim is stolen. Who do you believe?
I don't know why the cars have to be crushed when they could easily be impounded and acutioned off. The reason police is offering is that not only are the illegal races taking lives but also these modded cars are using stolen parts. The high performance of these cars is taxing on the stock parts and they breakdown quick and to get a cheap replacement people are stealing cars and breaking then into parts. If you check insurance sites, the most stolen car is the 92 - 93 Integra and 94 and late model Civic.
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They started doing this here in Canada as well. Crushing cars that have 'illegal' performance parts as well.
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Ah a good idea. They are causing too many accidents around here. But a year or so ago, two young doods racing in Mercs and Bmw's killed a paki cabbie(that's just one accident i remember of the top of my head). What about those people whose cars aren't souped up? You can't go around smashing mercs and bmws can you?
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Illegal or not. They shouldnt have crushed the cars. Imagine how much money and effort was spend on them. Its a real hearbreak.
If they didnt have any other way, they could have shipped it to us poor guys here.
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I reckon its a harsh move,but nonetheless very much fun it is street racing...its equally dangerous and illegal ofcourse...its important to take harsh measures to curb hoons like these.
Im sure they would think a hundred times to street race again...
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Oh Jeez... they could have sent 'em cars over here. 1 car for every 5 or 6 auto's. That would ease traffic woes due to these "auto irritants"
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Old 23rd June 2007, 12:17   #29
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they could have removed the parts from the cars and auctioned them off. the dough raised from that given to charity or something.
crush just the ugly civic hatchbacks body

my car was totalled thanks to 2 (non rice) street racers. a bmw 330i and a range rover sport, so i have no tolerance for them. IMO they should all be thrown in jail or even better shot a couple of times.
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If they really wanna get off on crushing cars...why not crush SUVs..crush them by the dozen i'd say..they are also one of the reasons for a lot of deaths around the world..and they're a menace many ways..
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