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v12 30th March 2004 17:40

A British car design student has come up with a novel Rolls-Royce grille that tilts backwards on the move to improve aerodynamics.

Coventry university transport student Michael de Bono designed this model, which keeps Rolls traditional upright grille when stationary, but angles it backwards when the car is being driven.

When he put it in a smoke and wind tunnel, the airflow smoothed itself over the top of the grille edge, said tutor David Browne. It was more aero-dynamic the air was tricked into believing it had passed a radius rather than a sharp edge.

Watch this space for production likelihood de Bono has since won a job at Rolls parent company BMWs design studio.

Source : Autocar

ported_head 31st March 2004 00:20

it's amazing how much aerodynamic efficiency has a part to play in these luxo-barges. i mean i would just expect them to waft and not give a damn about the world.

rgowani 31st March 2004 00:52

Allen cant see the Pic Man.

Rehaan 31st March 2004 06:45


Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] (rgowani @ Mar. 30 2004,23:22)]Allen cant see the Pic Man.

Hey RG,

Lately youve been saying this about a lot of pics man.... maybe something is up with your internet connection.

Heres the link to the article again...


GrimReaper 31st March 2004 11:15

Damn! That car looks ugly but i guess this is maybe only for the aerodynamic wing that they made the prototype

Aditya 31st March 2004 11:25

Ugly, very ugly! What's happening? Are the Germans taking revenge for the World War?

Rehaan 31st March 2004 13:31


Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] (Aditya @ Mar. 31 2004,09:55)]Ugly, very ugly! What's happening? Are the Germans taking revenge for the World War? lol

Dippy 31st March 2004 15:20

Absolutely ugly... Like I say even Rolls Royce has blown it in terms of design. Thankfully Bentley still keeps the British tradition

GTO 31st March 2004 19:12

If this design student cared so much about aerodynamics on a rolls, the least he could have done is taken a more curvy design. Probably the grille will improve wind flow on the center 2 feet, what about the rest? Just look at the rest of the design...its an aerodynamic disaster...more like a bread box on wheels


v12 31st March 2004 19:17

in the past no coachbuilder wud have dared to mess with the upright traditional Pantheon RR grille. RR had a clause stating the grille shud remain upright. I've read in some magazine that theres ONLY ONE Rolls Royce with a slanting grille and round doors. Makes it quite a rare car.

O.Martin 26th January 2006 22:17

To v12:
I'm currently googling the web for some images of the RR with the round doors. I remember seeing some images in a car-magazine over 10 years ago. I think it was painted egg-shell/pale yellow. Anyway, does anybody know where to find images of that car? Pls!!!

v12 27th January 2006 00:07

hey o,martin, even i was searching for those pics but cudnt find them anywhere. it was the only Rolls with round doors and a sloping grille.

O.Martin 27th January 2006 00:26

Thx anyway. I'll keep looking, and post them here if I find them :)

tsxei 27th January 2006 05:26

Its a great science project. But I don't think someone who rides in a RR will worry about aerodynamics.

ambylimo 27th January 2006 05:33

ohh tht looks eccentric so to say the least..aerodynamics is a scientific design more related to improving speeds and effeciency...y would some1 overlap that

with lap of has all the essentials..n its not even designed for that purpose..

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