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Jeep working on fully-autonomous off-road driving technology

Jeep is said to be developing a fully-autonomous off-road driving technology for its future SUVs.

The company recently released a teaser video showcasing a pair of Grand Cherokee 4xe prototypes tackling off-road trails in Moab, Utah, in the USA. Both Grand Cherokees can be seen covered in cameras and sensors and at times, driving with no driver behind the wheel.

Details of the off-road autonomous tech are still scarce. However, reports suggest that Jeep could reveal the tech officially sometime later this year.

The development effort is led by Neda Cvijetic, Head of AI & Autonomous Driving at Stellantis. The technology is said to be specifically for the Jeep brand, with Neda aiming to give the SUVs the ability to drive themselves in rugged off-road conditions.

Jeep working on fully-autonomous off-road driving technology-jeepoffroadautonomy.jpg

Reports state that driving off-road is a hobby for many, and the new technology could be useful as an assistant, helping drivers get themselves out of complex off-road situations.

Christian Meunier, CEO of Jeep, stated that the new tech would encourage more customers across many countries to join and enjoy the off-roading adventure.

Source: TheDrive

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Re: Jeep working on fully-autonomous off-road driving technology

At first, I thought whats the use of this tech and whats the fun in going off road if an autonomous system has to be used?

Then read about the use to get out of tricky situations. It will be very interesting to see how this can be put to use during off roading when the car is already stuck in a very tricky situation.

If this is to be engaged before the car is stuck (once the driver is unsure of making out of the track), then the whole point of off roading seems lost. Will follow this thread updates as I feel this is a doable autonomous tech (in contrast to the auto pilots etc being developed by car companies which will be difficult to perfect).

P.S.- I’d learn to learn off roading if I ever get a 4x4.

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Re: Jeep working on fully-autonomous off-road driving technology

All Electronic Nannies.
They wont let us go far.
Might as well be on a leash.
This new world of AI and Autonomous nonsense driving technology etc is going to atrophy human capabilities to the extent where people will be born and one can add ‘brain’ as ‘optional extra’.
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Re: Jeep working on fully-autonomous off-road driving technology

What is the point of autonomizing an activity that people do for recreation, it's like hiring someone to go and watch a movie for you. Makes no sense. Autonomous driving makes sense for someone who treats a car as a means to get from A to B, but off-roading? People do that for fun! Try to do some market research next time Jeep.
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Re: Jeep working on fully-autonomous off-road driving technology

Trying to understand the use case of such a system. It would be like fitting a motor to your bicycle, it will still work but kills the purpose. They might as well give external RC control, and we can drive these like the smaller RC offroaders.
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