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Default Slushbox !!!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Nope. With some cars, the automatics are faster than the manuals. Whether manual or slushbox is just an individual preference.

Slushbox ,...this is a good one.
You a manual lover Huh !!?

On a serious note I have to agree having done the same 290 km in almost 30 min faster this weekend on the automatic. I guess the savings came from the quicker shifts and seamless accelaration, & to top it off less fatigue !
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Originally Posted by highwayblaze View Post
My bad he's actually from U of M @Flint. Here's the link to that study.
CARPE DIEM: Transformational UAW Deal? Accept Professors' Pay
College professors have a cushy life. They can show up whenever and leave whenever. They can also schedule classes according to their convenience. Industry generally pays higher because people can also lose their jobs overnight.

GM automatics used to be one of the best in the Industry. What if they're only four speeds? I have never come across a GM auto transmission that hunted or had a delay. The five speed Lexus/ Toyota transmissions hunt like crazy at some speeds and this hunting is supposedly "normal". The seven speed MB transmission apparently has a bit of delay too.

GM Pushrods give you the advertised highway mileage, whereas the DOHC Lexus/ Toyota give you 4 mpg less than advertised.

The big three are suffering due to their reliability history and the interiors of the cars are not very attractive. Add to this the pathetic resale value. Also, after 100k these cars tended to fall apart, perhaps by design. I would say this though, the new cobalt looks to be very well put together from the outside. If it proves to be reliable, I am sure GM will do fine. On the other hand, Chrysler and Ford have a history of bad engines and/ or transmissions, even a free 7yr/70000mile warranty doesn't seem to help very much.
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It is a really sad story in Canada as well. And I'm talking about the automotive capital of Canada, Windsor, ON which is right across the river from Detroit.
In Windsor, GM closed down its 50+ year old transmission plant, Ford closed its foundry here which used to make engine blocks for its engines for over 25 years and the only surviving plant is the Chrysler minivan plant which has undergone massive downsizing. The Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) couldn't do a thing to make all that stop here. However, recently Toyota opened a 2 billion dollar plant near Woodstock, ON about 300 km from Windsor.
The thing about these Japanese companies esp. in the States is that they open up in places where unions are weak which also aids in their hire and fire policy, they have a super efficient production technique (Toyota once bought the least productive plant from Ford in Alabama sometime back and turned it into their most profitable one in 2 years), and they don't waste a lot of money on employee benefits like the Big 3 do.
Selling less cars isn't their biggest problem, the biggest issues are their inefficient production techniques and the lousy management. I mean Toyota produces about 50% more no. of cars from a similar sized plant compared to the Big 3. GM is still the no. 1 in Canada by a big margin (mostly pick ups and SUVS help them though), but it's still bleeding money continuously. Wonder what their problem is!
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