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Default Cambodia: LHD and RHD... we welcome both!

Well, as we were dropped to the hotel from the airport by car, I began to realize something strange. I asked the driver which side they drive, and he promptly said the right (infact he said light ) Anyway, the strange part is he was driving a right-hand-drive car. Apparently Cambodian govt allows any car to operate (i.e both LHD and RHD are allowed since they are all imported).
PS: they are just about recovering from years and years of one cannot complain much
So, there I was in a right hand drive car driving on the right most lane. Imagine, if that guy has to overtake, he needs to occupy the entire opposite lane just go get a glimpse of whether he can overtake or not !. And most roads are just 2 lane roads. Thankfully people drive a bit slowly and there arent too many vehicles. Quite a scary experience.

Well the best part of that place is the tuk-tuk, thanks to Thailand. What I really liked about that place is that everyone says the same price. It doesnt matter where you take them from, hotel, roadside, etc they cost the same. $10 per day or $1-$2 for any ride around. Being a poorer country than ours, I think there was a lesson to be learnt by our auto drivers. They realize the importance of not cheating people etc. They seem satisfied with what they earn. Also, there are places on the roads where the authorities check for temple pass from tourists. These drivers voluntarily stop at each spot and ask you to show the pass to the authorities. I cant even imagine such a thing happening here.

I also wonder why tuk-tuk's didnt take off here. They seemed to be more comfortable than autos, meaning 3 people could sit quite comfortably. And it seems more economical since it is basically a Hero Honda street type of vehicle with a trailor.

The other very intresting vehicle is a self made truck which is actually driven by a "two wheeler handle!" Well its the size of a tractor and the guy in front has a huge harley style handle protruding in front. That was cool! Unfortunately I lost some pictures which I had captured.

In the middle of the tuk tuks and custom made transport systems, one can also see the swanky landcruisers zooming past, catering to the elite class of tourists! also giving a glimpse of what it will be in the next couple of years (yes, its changing very fast)

I feel that market for 2 wheelers is very very HOT. I think Bajaj and hero honda will sell like hotcakes over there.

I must say the best way to see that place is on a bicycle with 3 weeks of vacation to spare. Unfortunately thats not possible for most of us.
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Best car for Cambodia - The McLaren F1 ... and similar centrally-positioned vehicles.

Oh who am I kidding, I'd have the Mclaren F1 in any part of the world, or even outside it.
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poorer than what?

Heard hey have a big/famous temple temple her, dont miss it.
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i remember hearing a similar story of a certain rahul sitting in a LHD merc. and he could feel the traffic coming to him.

i Know exactly what you mean!

i also wish they would do the same in India
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Yes Kvish you are right in your topic , I have been to cambodia twice and that is the situation many cars are JDm in the trafic , but they are used as LHD.They have got in Siem Reap a VERY HUGE FORD PICK UP
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heard alot about the place and the beautiful temples there. my friends told me abou the cars and traveling tip. must be wonderful
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