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corvette ( blue devil) 12 17.14%
viper srt10 acr 12 17.14%
skylinr gt-r 28 40.00%
2008 subaru impreza wrx sti 3 4.29%
Mitsubishi EVO X 15 21.43%
Voters: 70. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 10th November 2007, 14:37   #1
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Default corvette vs viper vs skyline vs impreza vs evo X

well a lot of cars have been launched lately so thought we should have a comparison on all these cars and see your takes on these cars i know they are all not in the same category but which would you take:

2009 CHEVROLET CORVETTE ( blue devil)

here are some rough specs:
7.0l v8
650 hp / 470 nm
super charged
weight-2900lbs / 1318.2 kg
0-60 mph - 3.5 sec
top speed - 215 mph
around $100,000

Chevrolet will unveil a more powerful version of the Z06 called the Blue Devil. The supercar will debut in the middle of 2008 as a 2009 model and will be priced around $100,000. The Blue Devil comes as a direct response at the Dodge Viper unveiled at Detroit Auto Show. The Blue Devil will also compete with Porsche 911 Turbo and Ferrari’s next F430 Challenge Stradale.

Chevy turned heads earlier this year with the introduction of the C6 Z06 performance model, which built upon the stock C6s bar-raising capabilities by dropping in a hand-built 505-horsepower 7.0-liter LS7 pushrod V8 with 470 lb-ft of torque. Add that to a suspension system, brakes, and gearbox that were fine-tweaked on the track, and you have a performance machine that’s only outclassed by six-figure machines from places with unpronounceable names.


8.4 l v10 vvt
600 hp / 560 nm
weight-3370 lb/ 1531 kg
0-60 mph-
top speed-
under $100,000 The all-new 2008 Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR is specifically modified and tuned for track performance. The ACR suspension includes coil-over racing dampers from KW Suspensions that are adjustable for damping and ride height. The shocks are two-way adjustable without removing the wheels - a timesaver on the track - and they include a large range for compression and rebound. The KW dampers and forks are machined from solid aluminum billet, feature spherical bearing mounts, and are optimized to minimize weight and maximize performance.


3.5l v6
473 bhp /434 nm
twin turbo
weight- n.a
0-60 mph- n.a
top speed - n.a
Approx. $70,000

The all-new GT-R's body is created with a combination of steel, carbon fiber and aluminum, providing a unique combination of stiffness and lightness. The Nissan GT-R features a low coefficient of drag of 0.27, with high front and rear downforce, which provides the GT-R with enhanced grip in all weather situations, while also enhancing fuel efficiency.

The Nissan GT-R's new engine produces 473 bhp at 6400 rpm and maximum torque of 434 lb-ft from 3200 to 5200 rpm. Putting the power to the ground is an all-new GR6-type dual clutch transmission, with paddle shifting and a Borg Warner six-plate dual clutch for direct control.

Suspension duties are handled through a special Bilstein DampTronic1 system, which utilizes all pertinent vehicle information to provide appropriate damping forces for all situations and helps maintain a high level of control for straight-line driving, cornering, and braking.


2.5 l flat 4
296 bhp/300 nm
0-60 mph - n.a
top speed- n.a
Approx. 70,000 €

The award-winning 2.5 liter horizontally-opposed ‘boxer’ engine benefits from a thorough revision which includes a larger and more efficient intercooler which increases power.

The new STI also boasts stronger low to mid-speed torque thanks to variable-valve timing for the intake and exhaust system and a fast-warm catalytic converter for reduced emissions.

The much-praised six-speed manual transmission has been revised, with a shorter-throw gear-change and lighter movements, especially from neutral to 1st and 1st to 2nd gear thanks to a revised synchromesh.

A firm favorite with existing STI owners, the Driver’s Control Centre Differential has been improved, giving even more choice of handling characteristics.

The DCCD is operated via a switch in the centre console, allowing the driver to manually select the torque distribution front to rear, reverting to automatic mode every time the ignition is switched off.

For example, he or she can choose between having a sharper cornering turn-in or more stable straight-line running.

In Manual Mode, the driver can adjust the front to rear torque distribution through varying degrees to suit different road conditions such as loose gravel or soft snow.

Now, for the new Impreza WRX STI, the DCCD switch also allows the selection of three different types of ‘Auto’ Mode.

1: Auto Mode is selected when the engine is started and covers most road conditions.
2: Auto+ Mode places the emphasis on traction for slippery roads, sharing out the torque more evenly between all four wheels and enhancing straight-line stability.
3: Auto- Mode increases agility by enhancing steering response through less torque-split interference.

which would you take and why.


2.0l i4
295 bhp / 300nm
turbo charged
weight - n.a
0-60 mph- 5.0 sec
top speed- n.a

The development goal for the new Lancer Evolution X was to make the car as fast as possible, while also making it as safe to drive as possible. To that end Lancer Evolution X is loaded with the very latest in automotive engineering technology, including the S-AWC (Super All Wheel Control) vehicle dynamics control system and the newly developed, power-efficient Twin Clutch SST (Sport Shift Transmission). Lancer Evolution X is a new-generation high-performance 4WD sedan that allows a new category of driver access to Mitsubishi's dynamic driving experience by underpinning speed with control, security and safety.
Lancer Evolution X realizes very high levels of motive and driving performance thanks to its new high-output and lightweight 2.0-liter DOHC MIVEC turbocharged engine with aluminum block, an all-new body and stiffer suspension. Despite its turbocharged pedigree the new model earns a 3-star rating for emissions that are 50% lower than the requirements of the Japanese 2005 standards. And complementing its powerful and clean road performance is the kind of a safety specification one would expect of a new-generation high-performance model: SRS dual-stage airbags for driver and front passenger, SRS knee airbag for driver and adaptive front lighting system (AFS) are all standard equipment on the GSR trim level.

All Lancer Evolution X GSR models are fitted with the S-AWC vehicle dynamics control system. The system intelligently manages several component systems to regulate drive torque and braking force at each wheel, reading and reflecting driver intent in real time over a wide range of situations. This allows drivers of all abilities to enjoy sporty driving with peace of mind.

could the mods please add this to the original post and also a lancer poll option.

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Old 10th November 2007, 14:55   #2
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Nissan Skyline.
Reason:JUN auto,Nismo.
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Old 10th November 2007, 15:25   #3
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oh man, they made scooby a hatchback and the evo has gone for a toss ever since tommi haniken special edition. my vote goes for the viper.
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Old 10th November 2007, 15:27   #4
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Corvette anyday, its fantastic looker(my opinion) and the torque.
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Old 10th November 2007, 16:40   #5
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they have ruined the skyline and evo :( ...... evo looks ok but skyline :( ....

anyways i will prefer the EVO ...... only if older skyline was offered hehe
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Old 10th November 2007, 17:38   #6
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i have to go with the corvette here. a great looker and impressive power.
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Old 10th November 2007, 17:45   #7
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I vote for the Skyline !
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Old 10th November 2007, 18:04   #8
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The Skyline GTR (without a doubt).. been one of my alltime favourites. The chassis can take a lot torque than any of the above mentioned contenders. I personally love the viper but when its a choice between GTR and Viper it has to be the GTR....
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Old 10th November 2007, 21:27   #9
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well i would go for the viper since 600 bhp and n.a even though the vette is way faster than the viper but the viper is a monster all on its own and also looks menacing.
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Old 10th November 2007, 23:56   #10
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Though the old skyline looked wayyyy better, a skyline's a skyline! Gets my vote!
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Old 11th November 2007, 01:49   #11
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Would have to be the Skyline since I'm not a fan of the Corvette/Viper & the STI looks horrid. EVO is appealing but ultimately the Skyline has more appeal.
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Old 11th November 2007, 02:15   #12
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My vote goes to Skyline.
Subaru has dissappointed their fans with hatchback Sti.
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Old 11th November 2007, 02:56   #13
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Voted for the Corvette coz it's got loads of power/torque and unlike it's earlier versions, the Z06 has infact turned out to be a very good handler.

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Old 11th November 2007, 03:35   #14
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Poor STI and EVO will not stand a chance in this comparo. GTR gets my vote.
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Old 11th November 2007, 08:27   #15
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the Evo - affordable and powerful - my vote!
the Wrx just lost me as a fan due to its panzy hatchback :(
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