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Default Mazda MX-Crossport Concept

Check out the pics of this new concept SUV from Mazda. Will it make into production? Only time and Mazda will tell us that.

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I like this car and also noticed a few things:
  1. Door Handles: Are those door handles or just designs??? And the rear doors do not have door handles.
  2. Legroom: The front legroom is sooo cramped. Or maybe it was kept that way so that the photographer could take some good pics of the interiors.
  3. Interiors: Well the interiors are awesome and it seems that its not gonna change. I found some information on the 'Three panel display' which I have added below.
  4. Exteriors: Its as big as a Cayenne and looks much better than it. Love those huge wheels and wheel arcs.
  5. Production: Well I would love to see this car in production coz someone or the other would get it to Mumbai so that it can be caught on my cam! Anyways, IMO, the price may be less or same as the Cayenne and that only Mazda can decide.

Interiors and Three Panel Display:
The interior of the MX-Crossport design concept was developed to visually present an athletic theme that is similar to the exterior, with special attention placed on creating an atmosphere of quality and craftsmanship. And like the flagship Mazda RX-8, the MX-Crossport concept features four buckets seats - it is more sports car than family car. The interior presents an overall environment of comfortable driving pleasure, with an emphasis on driving.

From the driver's seat, the view is pure Mazda RX-8, with a three-dial instrument cluster and a thick three-spoke steering wheel. The ceiling of the MX-Crossport is made up almost entirely of glass, which adds to the open, airy feeling of the interior.

This large variable-mist glass roof can be operated to change from clear to translucent white and back again instantly, like the new Ferrari Superamerica. The ceiling of the cabin also features a neatly integrated and highly flexible overhead console running the length of the vehicle and is able to accommodate various attachments such as rear entertainment display and a range of additional storage compartments.

The MX-Crossport features an advanced, multi-use information display and entertainment system that is designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

The 'Three Panel Display' system brings together three important features.

There is a hemispherical monitor which can be used as a touch panel (called the “handling panel”) mounted above the center console and just to the right of the steering wheel; a second “status monitor” mounted above the handling panel; and a third “entertainment monitor” to the right, mounted immediately ahead of the front passenger. The information portion of the Three Panel Display (the handling panel and status monitor) features numerous driving support functions too.

This includes vehicle diagnosis upon engine start-up, safety instructions, monitoring of blind spots, parking guidance, satellite navigation system and emergency information.

Additionally, the system features basic audio and climate controls functions and can be used to send and receive e-mail and reach the Internet, in a nod towards BMW's all-encompassing iDrive. The handling panel and status monitor are carefully positioned within the instrument panel to be easy to use for the driver.

The third element of the Three Panel Display, the entertainment monitor, is designed to help share the driving excitement with the front passenger by providing a “virtual view” from the driver's seat and beyond. Using a unique size of 365mm x 80mm (15-inch) liquid-crystal display screen and five cameras, the entertainment monitor offers four unique views of the road.

Specifically, there are the Driver's Eye View, Front Wheel View, Super Low Angle and the Rear Wheel View.
The gearshift lever is a bit different as well, featuring two distinct positions for the two drive modes—automatic and manual.

In automatic mode, the gearshift is tilted forward to lie nearly flat on the center console and gears (reverse, drive, park, etc) can be chosen with the simple push of a button on the topside of the gearshift lever.

For manual mode, the gearshift can be lifted to stand upright and can then be used as a plus/minus tiptronic lever to manually select gears while driving.


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wow, some really cool features seen in this car..... but, the rear end of the car does remind me of the Porshe Cayenne....
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