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Default Audi R8

Audi claims that this is the slowest car they have made. Yeah right!!! Well, I shall let you know that this isnít slow except on the assembly line as Audi manages to release only 20 cars/day.

I was eagerly waiting for this car ever since I procured a few snaps of it. I personally like the contrastingly distinguishing side burns of the car. Also, the stunning 24 LEDsí in the headlamps fit the R8 into the new age category in terms of looks. Let me enlighten you with some history that in turn stresses on Audisí seriousness in making this car.

In 1934, Audi contributed a remarkable set up for cars in races Ė the mid-engine. Audi was the one that introduced aluminium frames for cars. Audi in the 1970sí introduced the Quattro system into cars. Then in the 2000sí, Audi engineered the FSI technology in their engines that had admirers galore ever since their Le Man races Ė concisely Audi abides by their tag line Vorsprung Durch Technik (Leading through technology). Hence, all this technology added together should make a good machine.

Apart from the fact that it has two doors less, this 210kg weighing R8 made of aluminium, magnesium and carbon fibre has a 100l boot space, 23gallon fuel tank, is spacious and has a luxurious interior, permits high degree of visibility, is surprisingly quiet on the inside and is very, very comfortable. It is very easy to drive this car as it makes you feel as if you are in a big TT before igniting the Audi RS4 mid-engine of the R8. And, once you have got it started, it handles like you wish it to, running 19mpg. This is the first Quattro system I have experienced with such precise four-wheel drive system rendering fantastic road grip. There is absolutely not even a hint of under or over steer. I neednít waste words on mentioning about the build quality of the R8. As you expect, it is just perfect.

Since, Audi owns Lamborghini, I couldnít help sprang to the question of whether this is just a re-introduction of an old probably unsuccessful Lambo. No, it isnít. I got to know only 15% is shared between the both these companies and hence their cars (R8 and Gallardo). This brings me to discussing on how does the R8 fit into itsí other description Ė Audi Supercar. The R8 has a 4.2L, V8 delivering 420hp and 317 lb-ft of torque that takes the car from still to 60mph in 4.2 seconds and will reach close to 190mph in impressive timings. All this is good but is it a supercar?

You see, present supercars are 500+hp and have another factor in them Ė fear=excitement. Driving the R8 doesnít fear the driver as one can completely trust the vehicle making it very normal. Moreover, as I have mentioned earlier, there is absolutely no pinch of under or over steer even post the instant stiffening of the suspension in sports mode. Other supercars have a twitch of either one if not both making it very exciting to drive for years of ownership. It also isnít very loud like other supercars. Yes, this dark-circled Audi is a head turner but you will be pinched by car enthusiasts for not having opted for the 911. Compared to the R8, the 911 can fit passengers in the back, it is faster as it is lighter and it is further exciting to drive the rear-engine German car round the track. In addition, it has always been on the top of the list of practical supercars (supercars that can be used every day and dearer to maintain).

Having said that, I cannot prevent myself from mentioning that fun or excitement on the track is all limited fun. For rest of the months, one needs just a good car. And, there is where the R8 wins you over again. It is not extra-ordinary in looks like other supercars; R8 looks civilised and hence can be driven to work places. This car fits into a different category as it isnít as exciting as a supercar must be on the track; Audi doesnít have a supercar history unless you consider the TT to be one. And, it is not very sensible so as to be used as an everyday saloon due to its options (which would be appreciated if provided standard) are too pricey. However, it is new in design unlike the 911 and the similarly priced Vantage which I judge as one of the stand-out factors to buy this car. Nevertheless, the R8 has replaced the car that I reckoned is the nearly perfect car in the world (which is apparently an Audi as well).

TIP: If you are a working bachelor, go for the R8. If you are a working parent, go for the 911. If you dislike being an offensive former colonial, earn advantage by buying the British Vantage.
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you mean if you are an earnning businessman right?
cause if you are a salaried man there is no way you can buy these

the highest paid was salary was 7 crores in india
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Originally Posted by Brosreview View Post

Apart from the fact that it has two doors less, this 210kg weighing R8 made of aluminium, magnesium and carbon fibre .
210kgs?? The gross weight of the R8 is around 1800kgs!
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Hey , just saw this Black , stunning beauty today in Mumbai (Mulund Toll Naka, Eastern Express Highway)..what a lovely site it was . Just looked as if it has decended straight from the heavens.
Coluld not take any pics.
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Check this out. Audi R8

One of my colleague in belgium told me that the car has info display similar to fighter jets. i.e. the info is displayed on the windscreen.
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