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the car's one helluva guesses on which segment they will place this one..?
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Comparing the wheelbase with Civic and Kizashi:

Overall length 4,650mm
Overall width 1,900mm
Overall height 1,450mm
Wheelbase 2,800mm

Overall length 4,545 mm
Overall width 1,750 mm
Overall height 1,450 mm
Wheelbase 2,700 mm

The width of Kizashi seems to surpass even that of the new accord (1847 mm)... I am not sure if it is meant to compete with Civic/Corolla.. more like in the camp of Camry, Accord... Might be possible, they will come up with a smaller concept for the Civic/Corolla league
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Mods please merge the threads.
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Wow looks awesome.. Is this the production ready version or the concept ?? I doubt those 21'' rims in Indian version.
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Old 25th March 2008, 22:17   #35
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WOW! Thats some car! Despite the Audiesque grille the looks work very well. I wouldn't mind buying this provided Maruti manage to sort out their EPS.

Hopefully, the interiors are as good as the exteriors. Of course, two things that will change are the OVRM's and the 21 inch wheels.

Forget the AWD and V6. I'll buy this car for 15 lacs if its equipped with the 1.9L 150bhp JTD engine with a 6 speed Manual.
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Old 25th March 2008, 22:20   #36
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thats one hot lookin suzi. Hope its launched in India and priced intelligently. Would look even more delicious in coupe form.
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Old 26th March 2008, 03:02   #37
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Damn, that's a BMW 3-series (sedan) headlight...lock, stock and barrel.
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Old 26th March 2008, 08:13   #38
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Its got a 3.6 litre v6 with AWD, can anyone really think it will be priced in the civic class?
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Old 25th May 2008, 00:13   #39
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Hi.. I saw the review of the Kizashi in the May issue of Auto India. I loved it, so took some time to write to maruti to ask them what the release plans for the car were. I got a prompt reply the next day which basically said "We have no plans/news on the Kizashi as yet. We shall let you know once we have any information to share"

My inside sources though, tell me that the car will be a 2.0 litre and not the concept 3.6. Also changes to the design are inevitable because they ARE planning to price this competitively in the same range as the Civic, if not cheaper. And one of the biggest attractions for me, the paddle shifters, will be an option only with the top end, which could debut at about 15l-16 Lacs....
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Yup the car looks good. But nowhere as good as concept. Both A-star and Kizashi had awesome concepts but somehow these cars dont look anyway similar in the production change. I guess Suzuki wants to price them competitively. My guess is Kizashi around 2010 in the 12-14 lacs bracket.
Honda watch out !
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It looks a nice car but before launching it in any form or shape maruti should make sure that the doors and dashboard dont rattle Power windows work fine excessive engine NOISE etc etc

Cause people in the range of civic laura accord and upto Camry might not accept it like guys in hatch or small car or even upto SX4 segments.Also in this segment they have to keep in mind just like sx4 that they cant give fuel economy of European or American cars and built quality of Japs but they have to make sure that kizashi give a fuel economy of Honda accord and not ford Mondeo .

Also we can see that Hyundai makes very good big cars like sonata Embera ,Elantra but where re they in sales chart so its will not be as easy to compete in this market (There are many beautiful concepts in the world car scene but very few winners like civic corolla accord and Camry )

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Saw in one of the auto news that the price will be less than civic, 10+ Lakhs and competes with corolla, civic, octavia, have to wait till 2010.
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Originally Posted by karanraheja View Post
Yup the car looks good. But nowhere as good as concept.
The original kizashi concept, though looked good was too short of practical. See the low roof, and the way it slopes towards the rear!
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its to early to start dreaming.

same thing happened with Suzuki's A-star , the concept car looked awesome and we were told it'll be placed along with Alto . But the real thing which is coming according to this thread looks yuck to me :
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The front grille somehow reminds me of the new Chevy Malibu's front end.

And considering that GM and Suzuki have a partnership in North America, it's not surprising.
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